Challenger 28: Treetops Artists

From Behind Curtain 3, we are excited to announce that the Treetops Artists have commenced their challenge and will create 30 artworks in the month of July.  The Treetops Artists are Pete Blake, Georgia Bolden-Strestik, Kristiina van Duyn, Christina Hancock, Natalie Hunter, Kelly Lawrence, Samantha McGubbin, Helen Nandlal, Zoe Neill, Sue North, Vanessa Roget, Vandra Stenton, Jennifer Sutherland and Yoland Tazwell.  The group describes their challenge:

Treetops Montessori School is our common link. We are a loose group of artists who work in a variety of media and have a range of experience. Some of us have never exhibited before and others are professional artists. We work in paint, photography, textiles and mixed media. We have chosen ‘Treetops’ as our connecting theme. This theme is being interpreted by each of us in our own way – literally, metaphysically, philosophically, naturally, scholastically – to hopefully result in a recognisable group of work. This challenge is an exciting exploration of our own creativity and the meaning of art and why we all love it.


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