6: Creditable

bringing credit, or worthy of praise

Now that all of the Challenge artists are underway we would like to acknowledge even more wonderful people behind the scenes who have generously contributed to our cause. The sponsors of the artists Behind Curtain 3 have provided financial support to ensure the creation of 300 artworks, that would otherwise not have come into existence. These patrons of the arts are proudly supporting the Challenge artists, their local community and the children of Treetops Montessori School.

We encourage all friends of the 30x30x30 Challenge to support our generous sponsors.

The Ming Restaurant of Mundaring sponsoring Marilyn Hamilton
Harrier Resourcing People of Perth sponsoring Hayward Studio
Glen Forrest Dental Care sponsoring Ria Trevor
ATJV Brookfield Multiplex E+I sponsoring Alma Hotchkin
ATJV Brookfield Multiplex E+I sponsoring Karen Cameron
Earnshaw Lawyers of Midland sonsoring Claire Davenhall
Framing on Jubilee of Eden Hill sponsoring Treetops Artists
Kinesis Pilates Studio of Darlington sponsoring Dawn Meader
Great Aussie Patios of Maddington sponsoring Peta Miller
The Cavern Tapas and Wine of Kalamunda sponsoring Leanne Fry


Challenger 28: Treetops Artists

From Behind Curtain 3, we are excited to announce that the Treetops Artists have commenced their challenge and will create 30 artworks in the month of July.  The Treetops Artists are Pete Blake, Georgia Bolden-Strestik, Kristiina van Duyn, Christina Hancock, Natalie Hunter, Kelly Lawrence, Samantha McGubbin, Helen Nandlal, Zoe Neill, Sue North, Vanessa Roget, Vandra Stenton, Jennifer Sutherland and Yoland Tazwell.  The group describes their challenge:

Treetops Montessori School is our common link. We are a loose group of artists who work in a variety of media and have a range of experience. Some of us have never exhibited before and others are professional artists. We work in paint, photography, textiles and mixed media. We have chosen ‘Treetops’ as our connecting theme. This theme is being interpreted by each of us in our own way – literally, metaphysically, philosophically, naturally, scholastically – to hopefully result in a recognisable group of work. This challenge is an exciting exploration of our own creativity and the meaning of art and why we all love it.

Collaborative Approach … As We See Art Group

As We See Art Group’s intriguing collaborative approach:

As a group we wanted to approach the challenge in a collaborative way.  Previously, for fun, we had experimented in a very small way with each member of the group contributing and placing their own marks onto one painting.  The result was quite surprising and the 30x30x30 challenge presented a perfect opportunity for us to experiment more with this process.

first layers

Collaborative works have their own challenges.  You have to relinquish control of the artwork, it is no longer your own as in our case six different people were working on each canvas.  The way in which an artist makes their marks is very individual so we found we had to respond to a diversity of marks without any preconceived ideas about how a work may develop.  This process was therefore quite liberating, we could do anything, but at the same time difficult, what do I do next on a particular work.

works in progress (this image has been filtered to obscure the appearance of the artworks, yet they will be revealed in all their glory on the 15th September 2012!)

We wanted the works to have a rich textured quality achieved through collage and building the paint in layers. We have used acrylic paint as it dries quickly so we would not disturb the previous artist’s contribution.   Each painting was rotated around each member of the group at least a dozen times.

Challenger 25: Karen Cameron

From Behind Curtain 3, we are excited to announce that Karen Cameron is about to commence her challenge and will create 30 artworks in 30 days beginning mid July.  Karen describes her challenge:

The greatest challenge I can envisage presently is how I can creatively devise cunning ways to construct a 3D environment on the face of the canvas.  I will be considering various methods and trust that the imagination will come up with lots of different ways of achieving this.  I will be making small 3D figures using clay, felt, fabric, stitch and mixed media and using paint, and drawing materials and who knows what else?  My daily work as an Art Therapist in Adult Mental Health can be emotionally draining at times and my artwork helps me connect to the silly, playful and creative part of myself.  Humour is an important aspect of my life and my art.  The characters that emerge often make me laugh and I hope they will appeal to others as well.  I am looking forward to the challenge of creating one piece a day for 30 days.  I must admit I feel a little anxiety – is it really possible? …… then the enthusiasm comes back and I am excited again.

Concentrating on Mammals by Moira Court

Moira Court reaches the half way mark of her challenge:

So, no whingeing about The Challenge this week.  My mother has told me off and even though she is thousands of miles away and I am a forty-year old lady I had better do what she says.  This week I have done a drawing that I am happy with.  I am not saying that it is any good, but I do like it.  (Please note that the black square is not part of it, that is just to preserve this creatures anonymity in a serious news story in a streaking sports fan kind of way.)  I did this sketch in poor visibility during the Storm of the Decade with no electricity to light the way. Perhaps drawing in the dark is the key.

What I am really enjoying about The Challenge is perusing my wildlife books every morning on the look out for animals up trees.  There are just so many weird and wonderful creatures.   Far too many to be covered in one 30 day bout.  So far I have been concentrating on mammals.  This is day 15′s candidate, a coati.  I can’t resist anyone who can bend their nose 60 degrees in any direction.

moira court

Challenger 18 – As We See Art Group

From Behind Curtain 2, we are excited to announce that As We See Art Group have commenced their challenge.  From their group studio in Kalamunda, Melva Babarskas, Gloria Carter, Barbara Gell, Lynne Gracie, Sandy Kirk and Trish Meakins will collectively create 30 artworks during May and June.  As We See Art Group describe their challenge:

As an art group we are looking forward to working closely together to produce our thirty works.  Last year on a painting retreat as an exercise and to relax and extend our expression we rotated small paintings around each member of the group to add their own marks.  The paintings were often rotated around the group several times until a pleasing design and tonal balance was achieved.  The result was a number of exciting abstract designs that were truly collaborative.  During this challenge we are planning to extend this approach further introducing texture via collage and painting mediums to add an additional element of interest.  Our group meets once a week and we will be completing all of our work during these sessions throughout May and June.

25: Commitment

The act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself

The irony is not lost on me, as a humble blogger, that the Commitment post is the one I have stumbled on! So many ideas about aspects of commitment, I feel that I could write a self-help book, rather than a quickly digestible blog. Enough of my personal challenges, let’s explore commitment with respect to the people who are involved in this project.

So what exactly is a commitment?

As I see it, a commitment is a promise that you make to complete a specific task. We all make multitudes of commitments in our life. Think about our family commitments, work, community involvement, social groups. In fact, our whole society is built upon the innate trust that individuals will honour their commitments. Commitments to your self are probably the most important ones of all, and probably the hardest to keep (uh oh, sounds like we are heading down self-help territory again).

Personally, I think the commitment of the people (organiser or artist) involved in the 30x30x30 Challenge is pure dedication. We are looking not just at a quick project to be thrown together over a weekend or two… but 30 weeks of production.

There is a small but dedicated group of individuals in the background, tirelessly pulling this project together, all for the benefit of the Treetops Montessori School in Darlington WA. There are artists who are busy harvesting ideas and beginning the creative process.

And why are all the artists doing this Challenge? Have a read of each individual artist’s profile, as each one of them touches upon their personal journey to fill their canvases…

27: Curtain

Theater – A set of hanging drapery for concealing all or part of the stage or set from
the view of the audience.The crowd jostles, hushed whispers of excitement, rustles, coughs, a sudden laugh…

Anticipation of the sweet moments before the show starts. Moments when you can
only imagine what might be behind those deep, sumptuous curtains. What delights are
to abound before us?

The curtain is there for what purpose? To enhance the magic?

“Hard teasers” and “tormentors” are names given to some of the types of curtains
used in the theatre. Curtains can change the setting and mood of the stage in an
instant. Of course they are used to hide backstage from the prying audience always
hungry for a peep behind. There could be chaos (and often is!) behind those curtains
but all is hidden. Special ropes, pulleys and other contraptions ready to be unfurled in
quick, scheduled movements.

What are behind our curtains?

A collection of chosen artists who have put their brave and dedicated hands up to be a
part of this incredible journey of 30x30x30. Have a look behind each curtain and see
the people who are about to make this dream a reality…

Behind Curtain 1
Behind Curtain 2
Behind Curtain 3

The theatre is almost full. There are flashes of movement in the pit below. Invisible
musicians bump, clatter and scrape. A reedy note fills the air and the players fight
for the right note, sounds erupt! A cacophony of dischordant tones that eventually
subsides, satisfied.

There is a nod, a whisper, and the orchestra stands as one, ready for the conductor…