Collaborative Approach … As We See Art Group

As We See Art Group’s intriguing collaborative approach:

As a group we wanted to approach the challenge in a collaborative way.  Previously, for fun, we had experimented in a very small way with each member of the group contributing and placing their own marks onto one painting.  The result was quite surprising and the 30x30x30 challenge presented a perfect opportunity for us to experiment more with this process.

first layers

Collaborative works have their own challenges.  You have to relinquish control of the artwork, it is no longer your own as in our case six different people were working on each canvas.  The way in which an artist makes their marks is very individual so we found we had to respond to a diversity of marks without any preconceived ideas about how a work may develop.  This process was therefore quite liberating, we could do anything, but at the same time difficult, what do I do next on a particular work.

works in progress (this image has been filtered to obscure the appearance of the artworks, yet they will be revealed in all their glory on the 15th September 2012!)

We wanted the works to have a rich textured quality achieved through collage and building the paint in layers. We have used acrylic paint as it dries quickly so we would not disturb the previous artist’s contribution.   Each painting was rotated around each member of the group at least a dozen times.


One thought on “Collaborative Approach … As We See Art Group

  1. Wow…this must have been a very interesting challenge for you all. I can’t wait to hear all about your stories involving your journey.

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