Creative Endurance … Peta Miller

Peta Miller draws parallels to the Olympic Games as she leaps fearlessly from the starting blocks of her creative challenge.

Well I am finally underway. Those little canvases unpacked and spread out looked fairly daunting but full of possibilities. Having just arrived home from 10 weeks overseas I was full of ideas but still a little unsure which way to jump. The canvas size is a challenge for me as I usually work big and fairly abstractly. The time frame is also challenging as I usually like to wander in and out of a painting and work up in layers… time for that.

I wanted to do something different and draw inspiration from  my recent trip away. I am swinging all the time between ‘this is great fun’ to ‘I’ve definitely bitten off more than I can chew’…and somewhere in the middle of all that I just keep working…..listening to good music and keep going. If there was painting in the Olympics I think it would be something like this.

I am inspired by those of you who have already finished.

Well done!


One thought on “Creative Endurance … Peta Miller

  1. Gorgeous post and yes I had similar feelings. Amazing the depth and range of emotions involved hey?!!

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