2: Circles

To move in a circle or circuit around; rotates or revolves around…

Where did the 30x30x30 Art Challenge begin all those months ago?

Do you remember the posts? The journey through the 30 weeks as we have introduced artists, seen amazing acts of generosity from sponsors, and watched the artists individual journeys through an incredible feat of creativity.

30: Call

The door to the Art Room at Treetops Montessori School, Darlington WA

We called out for artists to join our cause

29: Consensus

The process of deciding which artists would participate this year after an overwhelming response of applications

28: Community

Acknowledging the special people around us

27: Curtain

Anticipation as we draw close to introducing our first lot of 10 artists (or groups of artists)

26: Conductor

An artists brush or a conductor’s baton?

25: Commitment

Acknowledging the huge commitment by those who have become a part of the 30x30x30 Art Challenge

24: Canvas

The history of the canvas as a medium for art – more interesting than you may think!

23: Collaboration

Celebrating the work that some groups are doing for the 30x30x30 Art Challenge

22: Comment

Encouraging the participating artists to tell us about their own personal journey through this project

21: Children

Remembering that the children of Treetops Montessori School are who this project is being done for

20: Contributor

Random works in the Treetops Art Room

Thanking the sponsors for the first 10 artists

19: Contemplations

Acknowledging the meditative thought process involved in creating

18: Consider

The first delivery of 30 art works have arrived, we are awed and amazed.

17: Chance

Allowing serendipity a place in the creative process

16: Conversations

Unpicking the art of communication and it’s relationship to our creativity

15: Connection

Celebrating the beautiful relationships Treetops Montessori School is building with the extended community

14: Change

The season has changed in the Perth Hills, and the 30x30x30 Art Challenge is in full swing

13: Captivated

We are awestruck by the colourful deliveries of art works arriving at the School

12: Cultivate

How we each nourish our creative ideas

Woolen art by Treetops Montessori Students

11: Champion

Thanks to the second group of sponsors for this amazing event

10: Crystallisation

The moment when creative inspiration turns into something more concrete

9: Conundrum

A tongue-in-cheek look at my own challenge for this project

8: Continuity

Chaos and consistency in our lives as parents

7: Chord

Music and art, investigated again

6: Creditable

Thanks to the last 10 of the wonderful sponsors of this event

5: Contagious

We love how a good idea spreads

4: Construction

How we intend to display 900 works of art

3: Curious

Treetops is a hive of activity for the young artist

Information of the event, the exhibition of art on the 15th of September 2012 at the Darlington Hall, Perth Western Australia.

2: Circles

Here we are, back at where we started. The circle of this blog complete, however the 30x30x30 Art Challenge Grand Finale, the Exhibition of the 900 works of art that have been produced by our 30 exceptional artists.

Stay tuned now for the final installments!


Challenger 28: Treetops Artists

From Behind Curtain 3, we are excited to announce that the Treetops Artists have commenced their challenge and will create 30 artworks in the month of July.  The Treetops Artists are Pete Blake, Georgia Bolden-Strestik, Kristiina van Duyn, Christina Hancock, Natalie Hunter, Kelly Lawrence, Samantha McGubbin, Helen Nandlal, Zoe Neill, Sue North, Vanessa Roget, Vandra Stenton, Jennifer Sutherland and Yoland Tazwell.  The group describes their challenge:

Treetops Montessori School is our common link. We are a loose group of artists who work in a variety of media and have a range of experience. Some of us have never exhibited before and others are professional artists. We work in paint, photography, textiles and mixed media. We have chosen ‘Treetops’ as our connecting theme. This theme is being interpreted by each of us in our own way – literally, metaphysically, philosophically, naturally, scholastically – to hopefully result in a recognisable group of work. This challenge is an exciting exploration of our own creativity and the meaning of art and why we all love it.

Challenger 18 – As We See Art Group

From Behind Curtain 2, we are excited to announce that As We See Art Group have commenced their challenge.  From their group studio in Kalamunda, Melva Babarskas, Gloria Carter, Barbara Gell, Lynne Gracie, Sandy Kirk and Trish Meakins will collectively create 30 artworks during May and June.  As We See Art Group describe their challenge:

As an art group we are looking forward to working closely together to produce our thirty works.  Last year on a painting retreat as an exercise and to relax and extend our expression we rotated small paintings around each member of the group to add their own marks.  The paintings were often rotated around the group several times until a pleasing design and tonal balance was achieved.  The result was a number of exciting abstract designs that were truly collaborative.  During this challenge we are planning to extend this approach further introducing texture via collage and painting mediums to add an additional element of interest.  Our group meets once a week and we will be completing all of our work during these sessions throughout May and June.

Challenger 6 – Reanne Jackson and Joy Glasson

From Behind Curtain 1, we are excited to announce that Reanne Jackson & Joy Glasson have commenced their challenge.  Renae and Joy are a dynamic grandmother and granddaughter team who will be creating 30 artworks together.  Reanne describes their challenge approach:

The artistic ideas, processes and materials range quite diversely from my grandmother Joy Glasson, aged 75, to myself Reanne Jackson, aged 17.  Joy has experienced a half-lifetime of art through the ages and art eras, experimenting with alternative media such as bitumen, Blackboy resin, shellac and beeswax. She plans to incorporate these into her art.  I have only begun to experiment with mixed media and expressive art strokes but with an early start and inspiration from my Gran, I hope to meet the standards. Together we plan to create an expressive collection of landscape-related subject matter through many painted media.

23: Collaboration

Something created by working jointly with another or others 

The 30x30x30 project has to be one of the finest examples of community collaboration that I have ever been involved with. And what an honour it is to be guest-blogging for this awesome cause.

“Working in collaboration leads to a rich dialogue yielding unexpected results.” (Alexander Gorlizki)

I want to explore the forms of collaboration we will see throughout this project. There are many levels to community including the Treetops School community, teachers and students, local art groups, individual community involvement, and so on.

Some of the artists producing canvases are doing the job solo. Others are working as part of community groups (collaborating) to produce the 30 canvases. I have been considering the difference between the journey of the individual versus the journey of a groups of artists.

How does an individual artist collaborate?

The artist is in a process of collaboration purely by being involved. The final exhibition will be a collection of all the works of art produced… ah ha! That would be a collaboration!

I love the image I have included as a demonstration of collaboration. Think about the possibilities and potential of a single hand. Then combine a group of hands and see what the outcome is. I bet it is going to be more extraordinary than you ever imagined.

“With collaborations you never follow the same palette.” (Robin Rimbaud)

The variety of work we will see in the final showcasing for this event will be extraordinary.

I would love to hear comments from some of our artists!