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Karena Holden is an artist and graphic designer who has been living in the Perth Hills for over 20 years. She has a diploma in graphic design and has worked as a designer and artist for over 25 years. Her artwork, inspired by nature and living in the beautiful Perth Hills, embodies assorted media to capture the natural element of her chosen subjects. She uses natural bush grasses/fibre and found objects to create baskets and sculpture. Her paintings are also inspired by nature. Karena has won several awards and is currently working on an exhibition of textiles and paintings depicting Western Australia.

Karena Holden is kindly sponsored by Magic Shoebox.

‘EACH ONE, TEACH ONE’  ARTISTS We are all graduates of a two year Acrylic art course.   This was held at Canning Art Group in Riverton with Robyn Lowry as our teacher. Mixing colour using only the cool and warm shades of the 3 primary colours and the importance of creating original work was encouraged. The course was very structured, a big commitment and challenging for some of us. Facing those challenges, and meeting weekly for 2 years has created a strong bond between us. Since graduating 4 years ago we have formed a group and paint together every week We have had success exhibiting and selling our art. Whilst the basic for our painting is realism, we have all taken the skills taught and experimented with textiles, jewellery making, mono printing, palette knife work, abstracts, oils and pastels and have developed a variety of styles and artworks to call distinctly our own. Participating artists are:  Susan Clark, Laurie Cochrane, Christine Chester, Ramon Comty, Jo Haynes, Cally Jarlett, Kerry Jones, Deborah McGrade, Isabella Middleton, Christine Ross, Maggie Smith, Brenda Taylor, Christine A Taylor and Peta Zeller.

Each One Teach One Artists are kindly sponsored by Midway Ford, Midland.

Fiona Fisher was born in Echuca, country Victoria. She was raised in Warrandyte surrounded by artists of all sorts, with constant inspiration to paint and artistically express herself. Fiona has been painting for most of her life with the exception of a few years when her children were young. Her art education includes: Twelve years of tuition with Walter Malgilton, classes with Maxwell Wilks and Chris White and various life drawing classes. She has had three solo exhibitions and one group exhibition and won awards for both her pastel and oil paintings.

Fiona Fisher is kindly sponsored by The Darlington Pines General Store.

Harry Barden’s life began in Plymouth, Devonshire in 1931. He trained at the West of England College of Art Bristol and subsequently worked for a few years for an American Animation Company as a painter and tracer. Later he served for a time as a technical illustrator for Armstrong and Whitworth Aircraft; after which he went to sea, to see the world while working on luxury liners in the hospitality industry. On several occasions his skills were engaged to paint murals on mirrors for festive events. After emigrating to Australia in 1967, Harry found time to paint again. While employed at the famous “Room with a View” as maitre d’hotel, he held a very successful exhibition. Upon retirement, he decided to hone his talents and broaden his horizons. He entered six oil works at Capitol Building in St George’s Terrace and sold the lot. Harry’s artist range includes pastels, water colours, oils, acrylics, pen and ink work and murals. Harry’s current passion is Australiana and ut back humour. Harry’s currently working with and very much enjoying his involvement in the Lilac Hill Art Group in Guildford, WA, where he gains inspiration by being with other artists.

Harry Barden is kindly sponsored by Mosh Organic Concept Salon.

Andrea Day has several years of formal and informal education to be thankful for, but when it comes to making art, it all forms a silent backdrop while the pure passion to make stuff is the driving force. Art for me is about making stuff, lots of stuff and then some more. Constantly making shows me where to go with what I’m doing. My last piece informs my next one. I love to play with colours, shapes and patterns in paint, paper, fabric, metal, plastic, found objects, whatever, and just be swept away in time. Throughout my life I have often lost all sense of time while immersed in drawing, painting and making things. Over the past 25 years I have enjoyed work as a graphic designer, been involved in after-school art teaching for children and worked as an arts project officer. I have exhibited in various group exhibitions in Brisbane, Geraldton and Perth.

Andrea Day is kindly sponsored by Mundaring Dome Cafe.

Joy Glasson was born in 1937 with no exposure to art until 1973 due to schooling. She started in the beginning with a small art group – ‘La palette’ with a teacher over 70 years old. Her art career was shortened and restricted through part time work as a teacher. Joy’s art has been extended through a few Australian artists; Cedric Baxter, Marjorie Bussey, and Geoff Wake, but after the big move from Carmel her art making has been limited until now. Reanne Jackson currently aged 17 and at the start of her art journey, she has enjoyed making and viewing art from a young age. After graduating high school as a top student in 3A/B art she was accepted into a double major in art at Curtin University. She continues to produce many casual art pieces and eagerly anticipates her future in art.

Joy Glasson and Reanne Jackson are kindly sponsored by Petra Calcis Exploration.

Tom Hogg I commenced painting in 1987 at Atwell House, Canning Highway, Applecross, when I joined a small group of oil painters under the direction of Mr Ernie Turpin. I painted passionately for 3 years, fitting this into a very busy work schedule with the running of my newsagency in Leederville. Then, due to circumstances, I had a gap of 20 years where I did very little painting. However, having fully retired from work two years ago, I am back in full swing. I have been a member of the Lilac Hill Art Group (Swan Valley) for 18 months and have now been made the president. During this time I have regularly exhibited works and have been fortunate enough to sell several paintings.

Tom Hogg is kindly sponsored by Noralee Pty Ltd.

Vivian Paans (Bonder)
is a self taught mixed media artist who lives and breathes in WA. Her life has been infused with creativity and self expression from a very early age. Free spirited, she has always been capable to express herself through various mediums and direct her passions for life in a positive way. Mixed media paintings, book arts and art journals is where everything flows natural for her. Making meaning of our lives while expressing our selves through art is where she feels things come together to blossom.

Vivian Paans is kindly sponsored by Taplan Pty Ltd.

Roslyn Blackburn I was a freelance illustrator and designer and a lecturer at TAFE Colleges in Sydney and Perth until 2004. Now I devote my time to my first passion, drawing and painting and participate in many local Perth Community and group Art Exhibitions. My special interest is in working with acrylic paint to achieve a layered textural finish that is mood setting , deep with color nuances and subtle changes of colour with different light. I also use bold strokes to catch the light and subtle colour varations quickly to achieve strong works, additionally working in animals or human figures to create stories. I have also specialised in the Human Form and am experienced in performing quick renditions. I am currently a Board Member for the Joondalup Community Arts Association.

Roslyn Blackburn is kindly sponsored by Thai on the Hill Restaurant, Kalamunda.

Michelle Reynolds is a work from home mum and artist and live on several acres of natural bush in Hovea with my husband and two teenage boys. Three years ago I started drawing classes and then fell in love with acrylic paints.  In March 2011 I attended an intuitive acrylic painting workshop with American Artist Flora Bowley and am now developing my own layered style of painting that allows windows of colour to shine through. Art is now my passion and brings me great joy and happiness through it’s challenges and triumphs.  For me it’s about the journey and not the destination, the process in which my art is created,  the experimenting, the learning, and the consulting with others is more important than the end product I have created. I have exhibited my paintings in local art shows and sold a painting at the 2011 Darlington Arts Festival.

Michelle Reynolds is kindly sponsored by Little Caesars Pizzeria, Mundaring.


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