8: Continuity

the state or quality of being continuous. Flow, progression…
Thanks to Landscape Designs for this pic http://www.playlsi.com/explore-products/product-lines/freestanding-components/playground-climber-mobius-climber/Pages/Mobius2.aspx
Ahh sweet continuity, where art thou?
I can tell you from this bloggers desk, it ain’t here! I have had my “Mum” hat on this past fortnight with school holidays upon us. No doubt there are a good portion of you, dear readers, who have been in a similar state of turmoil.
What does make me laugh is that we plod through our children’s term times, day by day, wishing for the school holidays. We dream of a peaceful cup of tea in the morning instead of the usual “What do you mean you can’t find a pair of matching socks?” conversation. Of course the reality is vastly different. Is there really such a thing as a peaceful school holidays?
In any case, I am here to blog about continuity, not carry on like a two-bob watch!

Peaceful continuity.

Continuity does not rule out fresh approaches to fresh situations.
Dean Rusk

To me, continuity is part of the cycle of life. I find I often reflect back to how we connect with nature, and how we fit in with it all.

Continuity is essential, it is the one thing that gives us consistency and a definite reference point for our chaotic lives. We can always count on the rising of the sun, the shift of the seasons, the position of the stars in the night sky. We count on the rhythms of life to bring us a sense of grounding and stability.

For our children, there will always be dinner on the table, there will always be clothes to wear and safe places to play. How blessed we are.

So, fellow parents, let us be continuous for our children and relish every moment of chaos in our lives.


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