Behind Curtain 2

June Stevens has been involved in the arts for many years, although not as a painter.  She was a dancer and then a teacher of classical ballet for many years before deciding to enter the art painting arena. She has been studying art (landscape painting) with D’hange Yammanee through the Midland Arts Centre and in 2011 began entering exhibitions.  She has entered her paintings in the York Exhibition, the Darlington Arts Festival and the Ellis House Exhibition.  Her painting sold in the Darlington Arts Exhibition. June is currently interested in landscape painting, towards an impressionist style.  She knows her style will develop and change over the next few years and is looking forward to seeing the direction her work will take.  She is excited by the challenge of the 30x30x30 exhibition, seeing it as an opportunity to “push the envelope” and see what emerges.

June Stevens is kindly sponsored by Earnshaws Real Estate.

Alt 164 are: Cristina Vanegas and Nelson Franco Cristina’s work focuses on her personal search to find “her place” in the world. Her paintings tell a  story about an space that she does not know but because of its colorful chaos – in abstract representation-, it reminds her the city where she was born. In her Artwork she establishes relations of thought about human beings and the social network that we all form.  What is vital for her is to have a connection with the society beyond the daily routine, where most people are strangers to her. Therefore the paintings are also a way to build connections. The viewer is hooked by the colors of her palette, by the vertical and horizontal weft and  the symbolism that she use. All of that is used as a network where the recipient chooses or not to be captive. Cristina is a Colombian Citizen, with a degree in Visual Arts, from Antioquia University. She has participated  in numerous exhibitions since 1999. Nelson is a multifaceted artist exploring different techniques in pursuit of a very deep conceptual search. His artistic practice, in general, has it’s source in the concept of humans as a merciless nation; dwellers that reflect a corroded social fabric. He analyzes consequently the scars that are left  and traces we leave in our way through the world. Although the technique being very important, many more times is an excuse to awaken in people another look of things. His look is critical, sometimes political, sometimes philosophical, but always with a deep sense of reflection. Throughout his life he has lived in many cities, therefore he is influenced by local topics of these cities he has inhabited. He has explored photography, video, engraving, painting, installation, performance and especially the drawing that was the starting point 15 years ago and it is always the meeting point for him. Franco Mahecha is a Colombian artist, with a degree in Visual Arts.  He has been involved in different community projects , publications and  exhibitions since 1997.  He was awarded with the “Peoples Choice Award” at city of Stirling Art Award and exhibition 2011 with Underground´s series, created as “fictional” scenarios and poetic microcosms  where remains and footprints  have been recalled.

Alt 164 is kindly sponsored by Ray White Kalamunda.

Una Bell My paintings are about colour and structure, based on study of natural forms, especially botany. My larger paintings are based on strong geometric structure which is often relevant at different scales, from landscape down to microscopic detail. My small paintings are usually less complex, and are more simplistic representations. In 2011 I held my first solo exhibition, Eco-structuralism, at the Mundaring Arts Centre (MAC), and also contributed to the Meticulous Miniatures exhibition, also at MAC. In November my painting lris won first prize for painting and was then judged ‘Best In Show’ at the Darlington Arts Festival. In 2012 I will be exhibiting as part of a group exhibition at MAC for the Mundaring Truffle Festival.

Una Bell is kindly sponsored by Club Sierra.

Megan Fraser is a painter and illustrator who creates visual images that uplift and inspire. She is fascinated with the icon worship and spiritual teachings of ancient religions. Often it is only the artwork that survives history to tell us about a unique pocket of time. She re-interprets these universal images into a modern context, adding her own ideas and insights. Megan’s pieces are colourful, decorative, incorporating text and highly symbolic. Her work has an iconic quality to it, sacred paintings for people to cherish and adore. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design (Curtin), had 3 Solo Exhibitions (Mundaring Arts Centre x 2, Wagin Hotel), has been part of over 20 group exhibitions (Darlington Arts Festival, Mundaring Arts Centre. The Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery) and is owner of Art & Design business Priestess Moon Design.

Megan Fraser is kindly sponsored by Tyrepower.

Colleen Manners & Annette Fiegert  Our history so far :  both were born in the Goldfields in the early 40’s. In the 60’s Annette went to Africa nursing; also collected African Art. Returned to WA in 70’s farming in Esperance …then Three Springs. She joined ART Groups using various media: pastels, charcoal, ink, oils.  Colleen was always sketching throughout childhood, studied Art at Carmel College -50’s, Kalgoorlie Tafe in 70’s, Forrestfield Tafe in 80’s trying all media, china painting, charcoal, inks, etching, design & printmaking, oils, watercolours, acrylics, etc…  Recent years, Annette & husband moved to Carmel. She attended David Thornton’s Studio to study Oils, & Colleen chose Watercolours.  Now Colleen is adventuring in acrylics at George Hayward’s Studio in Kalamunda.  We occasionally both have shared Art with neighbour’s & school children during week /& weekend.

Colleen Manners & Annette Fiegert are kindly sponsored by Ethan Tazewell.

Judith Price immigrated to Australia in 1974, bringing her unique view of the world and the keen eye of the immigrant. Judith has enjoyed a 25 year career as a graphic artist from which she has drawn a masterly understanding and control of composition that, added to her ability to draw and paint, leads to a most arresting and intimate approach to her subjects. In May, 2011, she won the City of Swan painting prize with a piece observed in a tongue-in-cheek look at the mature corpulent male form. Her first solo exhibition, Faces at the Crossroads, was held in October 2011. It featured 15 portraits of faces that have come from as far afield as Broome and Chile, Midland and Malta, Sabah and Sardinia. Judith continues to explore her love of painting from her home studio in Bullsbrook.

Judith Price is kindly sponsored by Kalamunda Toyota.

Skye Robertson I love to be creative. I love painting and designing. I love colour and I adore texture and pattern. I love layering and fine pen work. I try to sketch each and every day, playing with mark making, detail and subject matter. It is so exciting to experiment and play with ideas, mediums and techniques. That’s half the fun of being creative. Sometimes it works and it is a wonderful surprise, a happy accident!  And sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way I have still learnt something about Art and myself. I am so happy to be doing what I love.  It is a personal and important choice for me to forge ahead on my creative venture. Where and how far is this creative journey taking me? It is definitely exciting finding out, and if it goes nowhere then I will enjoy it for what it is now!

Skye Robertson is kindly sponsored by Helena Water ATJV.

The As We See Art Group have been painting together since 1998 and exhibiting regularly since 2007.  Each member of the group have undertaken art and design studies at Swan TAFE, Midland, under a teacher trained in the traditional manner.  However each of us has emerged with a unique style, manipulating paint to represent our own interpretation of nature.  Our themes are generally drawn from the West Australian Landscape, from locations that are personal and meaningful to each.  More recently we have been experimenting with collaborative works, extending and challenging ourselves by building on each others expressive and vigorous marks.  Combining collage and other materials these exciting abstract designs have allowed us to practice freely and incorporate new developments into our individual works. Participating artists are: Melva Babarskas, Gloria Carter, Barbara Gell, Lynne Gracie and Sandy Kirk.

The As We See Art Group is kindly sponsored by Big Bubble.

Carmen Cilliers Originally from South Africa Carmen now resides in Perth, Western Australia. Her main inspiration is drawn from the transpersonal, nature and experiences of her life both past and present. Carmen’s work is recognisable by the forces of bold colour, raw brushstrokes and the often quirky twists, subtle symbols and unusual titles. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas or board with the incorporation of other mediums including inks, oil pastels, charcoal and various texture mediums including impasto, sand, textiles and sometimes the use of collage. She has chosen to use these mediums in her own practice as they support the immediacy of her style and being quick drying allow her to create while the inspiration is fresh. They allow her to be spontaneous. “In a sense my work is biographical – reflecting my state of mind, a series of events, emotions or places that inspire me.” Carmen Cilliers

Carmen Cilliers is kindly sponsored by Homes by John Carter.

Moira Court I am an artist who mainly paints and draws animals and illustrates children’s books. I also enjoy printmaking and creating the occasional felt creature.  My work is inspired by nature, conservation, folklore and folk art.  I like using colour, pattern, simple shapes, some detailed fiddly little bits, big brush strokes, matt paint, charcoal, 2B pencils, ink and wax crayons for grown-ups. Originally from the South West of England I now live in the Perth hills, Western Australia, which is nice although I miss badgers, hedgerows, primroses and clotted cream. And cold Christmases and snow.

Moira Court is kindly sponsored by Island View Apartments Esperance.


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