Collage of Emotions … Leanne Fry

Leanne Fry talks of her mixed emotions and the challenge of opening her creative process to discover new possibilities.

Wednesday 8th August 2012

This is definitely a CHALLENGE …

When I signed up for this exhibition I was excited, nervous and energised. Now that I have commenced the challenge I am experiencing these emotions all over again.
I was very excited when I was collecting up my mono-printed papers and collage materials. I was nervous when I took the 30 canvases out of their box. I was energised when I set up my workspace in readiness to get stuck into creating.

But perhaps the biggest emotion I am experiencing is feeling challenged. I have found that because I want to remain open to “letting go” and exploring new possibilities that I have been experiencing doubt.

I guess because I have exhibited my paintings many times now I know what to expect. I feel comfortable with the painting process. But with this challenge I have decided to explore collage more as the main content of my work (instead of the usual by-product) and it is challenging, bewildering and confronting. I am working with colours outside of my normal palette. I am investing a lot of energy into creating beautiful pieces individually. But I must admit feeling a little daunted when I start to line them up alongside each other. Let’s hope the pieces “talk” nicely to each other once they are all lined up on the 15th September!


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