The Challenge

The Artists   Thirty (30) Artists, or art groups, will be challenged to complete thirty (30) works in thirty (30) days. The thirty (30) day period for the project shall be nominated by the Artist to suit their schedule, yet shall be within the period, 2nd March and 3rd September 2012. Artists are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, try out new styles, experiment with materials, explore a new subject, take risks, work quickly and let the ideas flow. The art works do not need to be thirty (30) stand alone, finished pieces. They can be a collection of ideas, a record of an experiment in process, a study of a subject or technique, a story / narrative to share with others.

All Artists will be supplied with thirty (30) canvases (8 inches by 8 inches) on which to work, or on which to present works. The works can be of any medium including acrylic paint, oil paint, pastel, pencil, watercolour, mixed media, textile, jewellery, printmaking, photography, quilting, glass and ceramics. The only constraint is that all works shall be presented on the canvas ready for hanging. There are many options to display work to meet this criterion, such as temporarily fixing 3D objects like jewellery and textiles, or block mounting photographs and works on paper. If works are best framed at a later date by the purchaser, then they can be temporarily fixed to the canvas for display purposes only. 900 works, uniform in size but infinitely varied in content will be hung together at our unique and exciting exhibition.

The Partnership   Artists participating in the 30x30x30 Challenge will be working in partnership with the School to present a new and extraordinary body of work to the community, at a uniform and very affordable price. The arrangement will provide the artist with an avenue for exhibiting a substantial number of small works and provides a unique opportunity to test new ideas and obtain feedback from their contemporaries and community.

The School will promote the artists and the event to the community and will host the exhibition. The School will bear all costs involved in hosting and managing the event as well as providing the canvases. Proceeds from sales at the exhibition will be shared 60% by the Artist and the School 40%.

The Publicity   The 30x30x30 Challenge will be launched to the public with a media press release on the 18th February 2012, thirty (30) weeks before the exhibition. Simultaneously a 30x30x30 Challenge blog and Facebook page will also be launched to record the 30x30x30 Challenge journey, profile participating artists and provide the opportunity for artists to record a narrative of their work in progress.

In the lead up to the exhibition, posters will be distributed thoughout the community. Exhibition Invitations will be posted to local dignitaries and Friends of Treetops. Artists will receive thirty (30) invitations each, to distribute to their friends and followers. Over 1000 invitations will be distributed.

The Exhibition   The 30x30x30 Challenge artworks will be unveiled at a Sundowner Exhibition at the Darlington Hall on Saturday the15th of September 2012 at 5pm, with a Preview Period. The Preview Period is intended to allow patrons to view all of the 900 artworks and enjoy the huge scale of the show before the artwork is sold and removed from the wall as it is purchased. During the Preview Period there will be NO sales or reserving of work.

At 6.45pm the exhibition will be officially opened with a welcome speech and soon after a bell will signal the start of the sale period. During the sale period patrons will remove the paintings that they wish to purchase from the wall and pay for them at the cashier. All works will be sold for $50. We anticipate a very lively sales period!

On Sunday the 16th of September from 1pm to 5pm, the exhibition will be reopened for the sale of all remaining artworks. The Sunday show will allow those that missed the Sundowner to enjoy the exhibition and make purchases in a more relaxed environment.


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