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Marilyn Hamilton was born in Melbourne Australia moving to the West Coast in 1971 settling in beautiful Perth not far from the Indian Ocean. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts and recently graduated from Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley with a Bachelor of Communications and Contemporary Arts. Marilyn is a multi media artist working with textile, print and mixed media. Her work is usually without explicit reference to a recognisable image as she is not reproducing something that already exists but creating new things and images. She enjoys the element of chance allowing the unpredictability of it to influence her making process. Her work evokes a sense of the fragility of memory and time, of the land and human life. She is an award winning artist and is represented in a number of private collections in Australia, the United Kingdom and New York City.

Marilyn Hamilton is kindly sponsored by The Ming Restaurant.

Hayward Studio After opening in Kalamunda in February 2008, Hayward Studio’s unique rustic appeal has made a lasting impression on its visitors and students, as well as helping to give footing to at least five local artists. Hayward Studio has featured many memorable exhibitions by George and Helen Hayward and various local Artists and runs four workshops each week, teaching more than 20 people how to enjoy the freedom of art. Studio owners, George and Helen Hayward set out to reach absolutely anyone, with any degree of art exposure, and inspire them to pick up a brush, and according to its visitors the studio has achieved just that. “We’ve had a hugely positive response from everyone who walks in the door – we’re often told that Hayward Studio is an amazing space that feels so comfortable and welcoming,” Mr Hayward said. “Hayward Studio really has turned our dreams into reality and each day when we meet new students, visitors and artists it reaffirms it for us, and the array of people we’ve been able to reach is just what we hoped for. “One of the highlights has been providing opportunity for local artists who may not otherwise have a place to share their work, and following our own opening exhibition, we have hosted exhibitions for local artists and students. Each year we support a worthy cause by raising funds through an exhibition of various artists work – this year we are supporting Torchbearers for Legacy with an exhibition at the end of February. Helen Hayward said in creating the Studio, they had two main goals – to help local artists exhibit and share their works as well as helping others find the same freedom in art as they had discovered themselves. “Our workshops have been fantastic for us as well as the students, because we’ve been able to share the joy of letting go and expressing art without judgment or expectation, and in many cases it’s been therapeutic,” she said. Hayward Studio holds eight week art workshops during school terms as well as exhibiting art work every weekend and offering a framing service.

Hayward Studio is kindly sponsored by Harrier Resourcing People.

Ria Trevor is completely at ease surrounded by Art and am most happiest. Whether that be Monet’s floor to ceiling “Waterlilies”or paint handprints with a 3 year old. It doesn’t matter which end of the scale, Art feels like home. I have explored many avenues with my Art and have settled for the moment simply with a canvas and pen..From the first marking of the pen onto the canvas, a sense of escape follows. The results are beautifully intricate patterns original and simple. Each piece I complete isn’t the same as the last which adds to the enjoyment of going back into the drawing to see what may have been missed before. I am influenced by Urban Street Art, Skin Ink and Traditional Printmaking. My goals regarding my Art is to always have the freedom to create, the ability, the passion.

Ria Trevor is kindly sponsored by Glen Forrest Dental Care.

Alma Hotchkin’s initial training in Commercial Art at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology led to my fascination for stylized lines and shapes  evident in most of my art work.  I studied with leading WA artists through UWA extension Courses till their closure in 1972, which then became a private group with Wim Boisevain at UWA Boat Club on Saturday mornings. I attended Perth Technical College and gained  Diplomas in Art and Design and in Printmaking. I work from life in a variety of media, standing at an easel for plein air landscapes, still life studies and portraits. I exhibit annually with Art Societies in mixed group shows and with fund-raising organizations. Over recent years I have had Solo Exhibitions at Mundaring Art Centre, Monet, Guildford Village Potters, Old Bakery Maylands and three at Ellis House. In 2011, I won the $1,000 Printmaking Prize at Beverley. I’m sure art keeps me well  and  always looking forward to a challenge.

Alma Hotchkin is kindly sponsored by ATJV Brookfield Multiplex E+I.

Karen Cameron has been exhibiting my work since the early 90’s after graduation from Claremont School of Art and Edith Cowan University. I have been making ceramic figures that have evolved slowly over the years. The figures have been described as whimsical and humorous and have been accompanied by “chooks”, crows, and other creatures. I work intuitively and once the imagery is ready to appear, I often complete pieces quickly and spontaneously. Last year I exhibited many small 3D felt dogs at the WAFTA show at the Moores Building in Fremantle. These little dogs were very popular and 51 dogs were sold. This was a new direction for me and I am now interested in combining ceramic and felt. I am employed as an Art Therapist in Adult Mental Health and have previously worked as a Pre-School Teacher in Early Childhood Education. I am aware of the vital and enriching role art making plays in the lives of adults and children.

Karen Cameron is kindly sponsored by ATJV Brookfield Multiplex E+I.

Claire Davenhall graduated from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen in 2000, with BA(hons) Fine Art Sculpture, whilst studying/exhibiting in North Karelia Polytechnic, Finland 1998, Athens School of Fine Art 1999, and the Royal Scottish Academy in 2000. Qualified as College Lecturer in 2004, specializing in Fine Art Sculpture, Photography, Life Drawing and WINNER of ‘Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in 2006/2007, for Community Public Art Projects. Emigrated to Western Australia in 2007, exhibiting in many group exhibitions; ‘Castaways Sculpture Awards’, ‘York Photographic Awards’, ‘Observing the Human Form’, and ‘Belmont Art & Photography Awards,’ to name a few. As a Visual Artist, I work across the range of mediums, guided by my ideas and concepts, leading to discovering new and exciting materials, techniques and processes, which influence the final outcome of my work. I continue to work in Art & Education as Facilitator, Lecturer and Practitioner.

Claire Davenhall is kindly sponsored by Earnshaw Lawyers.

Treetops Artists Treetops Montessori School in Darlington does not just have wonderful students – it has a talented teacher and parent group. Treetops Artists was formed to participate in the 30x30x30 Challenge, to showcase some of this talent and to provide an avenue for the artists to express their unique creativity and have it publicly shown. We are a collective of artists who bring a variety of talents to this challenge such as painting, woodworking, collage and photography.

Treetops Artists’ are kindly sponsored by Framing on Jubilee.

Dawn Meader Dawn has been a practicing artist since graduating from Claremont College of Art in 1989. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Perth, Brisbane and Canberra. Her work has been used in many publications around the world. Her commissions have involved mosaics in restaurants and private homes, and murals in Mandurah Hospital and private homes in California. During the last 12 years she has been teaching migrants and running private art courses to help people connect with their creativity through painting and drawing in Perth, California and Bali. Dawn expresses the journey of soul and the inner worlds that connect us all. Her mediums are predominantly pastel, oil and acrylic. She uses classical painting methods to express the stillness and joy of soul. Most recently she has explored soul’s journey by painting on a mural, which is then extended onto the body.

Dawn Meader is kindly sponsored by Kinesis Pilates Studio.

Peta Miller has  always drawn and painted but did her first formal studies at Claremont Art School in the 1980’s. Her work has changed over the years but has maintained common threads; usually a strong emphasis on colour, tone and composition. She is more often than not trying to catch the ‘essence´ of something rather than the thing itself Sometimes she starts with an image, but more often it is a thought, a memory, a story she has heard or something a  little elusive and less tangible than a photograph. She will then flesh out the idea in her visual diary using sketches, symbols, colour choices, shapes and marks that feel right for the image. She starts loose with charcoal marks and ink to allow some ‘accidental’ quality to the final image. She works on tough surfaces so she can build up and scratch back into the surface, each layer drawing from, but partly obscuring the previous one. Materials include acrylic paint, inks, charcoal, oil pastels and basically anything that makes a good ‘mark’.

Peta Miller is kindly sponsored by Great Aussie Patios.

Leanne Fry I am primarily a self-taught Artist and have learnt the art of decoupage, paper tole, mosaic art, hand-soldered jewellery design, painting, drawing and ceramics. From 1995 to present I have been involved in many art practices including running my own ceramic studio (1995-1999), participating in two exciting exhibitions in the Great Southern “Dreams of the Bay” in 2005/06 and the ”Southern Art and Craft Trail”, 2011 and more recently (2010) establishing my own small business entitled “le papier” selling my soldered art charms, acrylic paintings, greeting cards, collage pieces and art prints. This year I am undertaking full time study at the Great Southern Institute of Technology studing Certificate 3 and 4 in Visual Arts. The environment where I live inspires me daily to practice the art of painting or collage and it is this latest journey that has seen me evolve into the artist that you see before you today.

Leanne Fry is kindly sponsored by The Cavern Tapas and Wine, Kalamunda.


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