Custodian of a Creative Heart … Ria Trevor

What an experience!

As I check then double check my drawings, match them against the Art Index and pack them in the box ready for delivery come Monday, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

The Journey I embarked on with this challenge, struck a personal chord.

Amongst the busy chaotic world filled with ever changing tecnologies and the hustle and bustle of life that seems to get complicated with each passing year, it was refreshing to slow it all down even if it was for 30 minutes a day to dedicate the time to this challenge.

And I proved to myself that it was possible to do so.

Often enough we are the ones who justify the excuses of ” I dont have time to eat right/exercise/be happy/sleep/relax/play with my kids/change my ways…”

This exercise proved we do have the time.

We just have to become concious enough to dedicate the effort.

I also discovered that we are many roles : Mums and Dads, Siblings, Co-Workers, Friends and those roles require a certain amount of responsibilty to those around us.

However, the most important role we often leave on the back burner are Ourselves. The Individual Core of where we operate from.

This exercise reminded me that above all others we MUST take time out for ourselves.

Away with the guilt of always being everything to everyone else all the time.

The Kids and Hubby soon learnt fairly quickly that when I sat down to complete a canvas at night, that it was my time, and during that time they learnt to occupy themselves and guess what – 30 minutes a night doing that for a month did not kill them!

So that is the greatest lesson I am walking away with from the 30x30x30 Challenge.

Thank You



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