0: Celebration

to observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony or festivity.

Approximately 500 curious art lovers attended our Affordable Art Extravaganza on Saturday 15th September 2012 to view the amazing display of 900 artworks and to enjoy the live entertainment, food and drinks on offer.  The Darlington Hall and Pines park were decorated with flags and bunting (which featured a drawing by every child in Treetops) and the festival atmosphere was enjoyed by all.

The very talented Challenge Artists arrived at 4.30pm for a private viewing and a chance to meet each other and discuss their work.  There were 76 artists involved in the project and it was a wonderful half hour of creative interaction and celebration.

The Challenge Artists

By 5pm the crowds had started to gather outside the Hall and we opened the doors to the public.  A steady stream of people wove their way through the exhibition and we were amazed to see the line immediately begin to form.  By the time the hall was cleared just before 7pm, for opening speeches to commence outside, there were 300 eager purchasers in the queue.

Terri Fitzgerald kicked off the opening proceedings by reading the rules of the sale, and when it was announced that purchasers could buy as many artworks as they could carry, the crowd cheered!

Crowd during the opening proceedings

Mundaring Shire President, Helen Dullard opened the event along side Treetops Principal, Norman Megahey and as they rang the school bell to signal the commencement of the sale, the crowd were off!  The ensuing two hours was an art buying frenzy with 520 artworks removed from the wall to be purchased with big smiles all round.  Everyone who participated in the sale did so in a happy and patient manner and by all accounts they really enjoyed the event.  With bags of artworks in hand, the sales participants made their way home recounting tales of the most exciting and inspiring art exhibition they had ever attended.

Opening Address by Shire of Mundaring President, Helen Dullard.

The Second Chance Sale began at 1pm on Sunday and again was very well supported by the community with a further 30 artworks leaving the walls.

The weekend was great fun and the 30x30x30 team are very happy with the outcome of their many months of planning and preparation.  We will share the proceeds from artwork sales with the Challenge Artists and we hope to have raised over $12,000 for our School from the event.  This will be of great benefit to Treetops, but perhaps the most valuable outcome of the 30x30x30 Challenge is the connections that Treetops has made with the community.  We have connected with a large group of Artists, Sponsors, Businesses, Local Government and community members whose partnership and friendship is highly regarded and appreciated.  We have had great feedback from the event and many requests for Treetops to run another 30x30x30 Challenge again in the future.

Our sincere thanks once again to all members of the Treetops Community, the Artists, the Sponsors, the Supporting Businesses and all the Volunteers. You are responsible for making this event a great success for the Children of Treetops.


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