9: Conundrum

Anything that puzzles; a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words

Thanks to http://www.ehow.com/info_12002651_lexical-conundrum.html for this image
As I am about to leap into the process of creation of a piece of art I am faced with an almighty conundrum.
I am about to collect my canvasses and i have what I believe could be called stage fright!
Words I have written are bubbling around in my brain with such vigor I am surprised the little pops and splutters can’t be heard by others. I have written about the process, the thoughts and musings as they jump to mind. And believe me, I have enjoyed producing every one of these blogs.
The reality is that now I have to stop writing and thinking and step up as part of the group of Treetop Artists. I have to create!
I am thinking about the connection between myself and the children and the community. I am participating in the 30x30x30 challenge as part of the Treetops collaboration.
I want to produce something captivating, but I am yet to go through a moment of crystallisation. I really hope I can change my blank canvasses into something worthwhile, something not cringe-worthy.
Oh the conundrum. Oh the irony!