The Art Extravaganza Is Almost Here

There will be art…

There will be music…

There will be food and wine…

…What more could you ask for?

Why not bring some friends along for a great Saturday night out?


Challenger 14 – Megan Fraser

From Behind Curtain 2, we are excited to announce that Megan Fraser has commenced her challenge.  From her Darlington studio Megan will create a painting a day for 30 days.  Megan describes her challenge:

With this challenge I would like to explore pure symbols.  I use symbols often in my artworks, but as a small part of the overall painting, not the focus.  This time the challenge will be to make the symbol work by itself as an object of art in its own right.  I look forward to exploring how to do this, and still make each work attractive and able to evoke an emotional response.  I am fascinated by the emotional effect certain symbols can have on people due to cultural background, prejudices and personal experiences.  For example, a symbol of a pentagram can have a very different effect on two people; one may see it as negative, the other, as positive.  I will be using 30 symbols from around the world, some recognisable, some not, and create each one into a work of art that will hopefully delight and inspire!