Can’t Wait! … Leanne Fry

Leanne Fry on completing her challenge and anticipating the big night on Saturday 15th September, 2012:
Thurdsay 30 August 2012
WOW. I have completed my challenge. What a fantastic/daunting/exciting/amazing time the last 30 days have been.
I really had no idea how much my ideas would “shift” in the time leading up to and commencing the challenge. It was really interesting.
I went into the challenge having exposed myself to lots of different colours, mediums, photos, ideas, tastes, smells and sights so that I was full of inspiration.
I had a few ideas in my Visual diary of concepts and colour schemes. Well, that all went out the window when I started.
What evolved was actually way different to what I had imagined and I am really very happy with the way it all turned out.
I can’t wait until 15th September …

Chequered Flag for Hayward Studios

George Hayward announces the completion of their studio challenge:
Hi Art Lovers,
Well, we made it!
30 fantastic artworks completed in our 30 days.
Not the simple task that you might think!
Now, all that has to be done is the photographing, numbering, printing, delivery…
But I know that we are all looking forward to September 15th. Yes!

Completed … Marilyn Hamilton

Marilyn Hamilton on completing her challenge:

Gardners Art Through the Ages acting as the weight to stick the corners to the canvases

Hi everyone.  30th June has arrived and I have just completed my 30th artwork. What a wonderful month June has been (apart from the weather) I have achieved much. Like Moira I have just made corners to attach 3 collagraphic prints to the canvases provided. Then my next challenge is to photograph and curate the work for hanging on the BIG day in September. No not the AFL Grand Final but Treetops Montessori School’s 30x30x30 Art Exhibition on the 15th of September, 2012.

Canvases stacked ready for their photo shoot and then to be wrapped, packed up and returned to Treetops.

Looking forward to the BIG night, seeing all the artworks and meeting the other artists.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and some interesting work has evolved, so bigger works will definitely follow in the near future.

As you quoted, “Maria Montessori once said ‘ The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself’.”  This is so true with my work.

To the remaining artists about to start their challenge – enjoy your journey. I found it so much fun!

Thanks for the opportunity……………Marilyn