2: Circles

To move in a circle or circuit around; rotates or revolves around…

Where did the 30x30x30 Art Challenge begin all those months ago?

Do you remember the posts? The journey through the 30 weeks as we have introduced artists, seen amazing acts of generosity from sponsors, and watched the artists individual journeys through an incredible feat of creativity.

30: Call

The door to the Art Room at Treetops Montessori School, Darlington WA

We called out for artists to join our cause

29: Consensus

The process of deciding which artists would participate this year after an overwhelming response of applications

28: Community

Acknowledging the special people around us

27: Curtain

Anticipation as we draw close to introducing our first lot of 10 artists (or groups of artists)

26: Conductor

An artists brush or a conductor’s baton?

25: Commitment

Acknowledging the huge commitment by those who have become a part of the 30x30x30 Art Challenge

24: Canvas

The history of the canvas as a medium for art – more interesting than you may think!

23: Collaboration

Celebrating the work that some groups are doing for the 30x30x30 Art Challenge

22: Comment

Encouraging the participating artists to tell us about their own personal journey through this project

21: Children

Remembering that the children of Treetops Montessori School are who this project is being done for

20: Contributor

Random works in the Treetops Art Room

Thanking the sponsors for the first 10 artists

19: Contemplations

Acknowledging the meditative thought process involved in creating

18: Consider

The first delivery of 30 art works have arrived, we are awed and amazed.

17: Chance

Allowing serendipity a place in the creative process

16: Conversations

Unpicking the art of communication and it’s relationship to our creativity

15: Connection

Celebrating the beautiful relationships Treetops Montessori School is building with the extended community

14: Change

The season has changed in the Perth Hills, and the 30x30x30 Art Challenge is in full swing

13: Captivated

We are awestruck by the colourful deliveries of art works arriving at the School

12: Cultivate

How we each nourish our creative ideas

Woolen art by Treetops Montessori Students

11: Champion

Thanks to the second group of sponsors for this amazing event

10: Crystallisation

The moment when creative inspiration turns into something more concrete

9: Conundrum

A tongue-in-cheek look at my own challenge for this project

8: Continuity

Chaos and consistency in our lives as parents

7: Chord

Music and art, investigated again

6: Creditable

Thanks to the last 10 of the wonderful sponsors of this event

5: Contagious

We love how a good idea spreads

4: Construction

How we intend to display 900 works of art

3: Curious

Treetops is a hive of activity for the young artist

Information of the event, the exhibition of art on the 15th of September 2012 at the Darlington Hall, Perth Western Australia.

2: Circles

Here we are, back at where we started. The circle of this blog complete, however the 30x30x30 Art Challenge Grand Finale, the Exhibition of the 900 works of art that have been produced by our 30 exceptional artists.

Stay tuned now for the final installments!


Captivated by Uncoverings … Marilyn Hamilton

Marilyn Hamilton continues on her exciting journey, uncovering the captivating results of her fabric bundles and transforming them into wonderous works of art.

Hi everyone.  My last blog was on day 11 of my challenge and now I only have 11 days to go……….the month of June is zooming by much too quickly.

some of the things I am using to create my little works of art

I excitedly unwrapped the bundles of silk, cotton and wool at the weekend and WOW some wonderful results. I can’t wait to do things with them, all very exciting. My concentration span is short and apart from a series of 6 artists books all other works have been produced in 3’s. One set being influenced totally by my sponsor, The Ming Restaurant so are quite different from the rest of my work.

view from my studio window of apple tree just starting to blossom with the bush that surrounds Settlers Cottage in the background

I am still just unwrapping one canvas a day and thoroughly enjoying the journey of your challenge and the opportunity to experiment with a few of the many ideas that are crammed in my head. ………………..Marilyn

Concocting Parcels of Wonder … Marilyn Hamilton

Marilyn Hamilton explores her challenge by concocting parcels of wonder and shares some good news …

What wild winter weather we are having!!! Rug up, keep the fires going and drive carefully.

Day 11 is here for me and I am enjoying the exploration that the 30 day challenge is allowing me. What was I worrying about? Lots of interesting things are happening, quite eclectic. At the weekend I bundled up pieces of silk, wool and cotton with all sorts of things inside ready to steam and will unwrap them next weekend. I wonder what these little parcels will reveal and what shall I do with them? I still plan to unwrap one canvas a day and see what happens on that day. Wonder what lays ahead for me when I get to my studio this morning.

Some good news that I would like to share. My art practise has been acknowledged by the City of Wanneroo purchasing my collagraphic print titled ‘Frog in a Log’ for their collection and on Saturday evening the City of Joondalup presented me with the textile award for my work titled ‘Fragile Earth’. Yay!!! So I am indeed a very happy ‘little vegemite’. The Joondalup Community Art Exhibition is on at Lakeside Shopping Centre until 24 June during shopping hours and well worth a visit. Quite a diverse exhibition as will the 30x30x30 Treetops Montessori exhibition in September. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work…………….Marilyn

Courage in Idyllic Surroundings by Marilyn Hamilton

In idyllic bushland surroundings and with all the elements of nature as her muse, Marilyn Hamilton courageously opens her process to the possibilities of chance:

I must admit that I was excited to learn that I had been selected for the 30x30x30 challenge………..then, I thought, how on earth am I going to achieve this? What have I done to myself? There is always self doubt. Anyhow ,selected the month of June to take up the challenge but in hindsight should have started earlier as I have been worrying about it ever since. So I looked at how some of the other artists were handling their challenge and what work they were doing. I have decided to use nature, the elements and ‘chance’ in my making process. So I have been collecting all sorts of things found on the ground including leaves, twigs and gumnuts.

As most of the artists appear to be doing paintings I plan on making a variety of artworks – artists books, some textile & construction pieces, drawings, collagraphic prints perhaps a painting or two, time will tell. Thankfully I will be working in my studio at Settlers Cottage, Churchlands. The studio is a National Trust property set in idyllic bushland surrounding Herdsman Lake so lots of inspiration surrounds me. I am about to start and will unwrap one canvas at a time and see what happens, and enjoy the month long journey starting tomorrow, yay!!!………….Marilyn

Considering Layers with Vivian Paans

Vivian Paans on commencing the challenge and considering the layers of her work and life…

My challenge is underway! The first layers are on half of the canvasses, some are still untouched, some in the process and some are finished completely. Just like the layers of our personalities, the states in which the canvasses are at the moment vary. Some coincide, some synchronise and others fall slightly behind, only to catch up when the time is right.

The biggest challenge for me so far are the time and space factors which in a way bind me to this human existence. Practically speaking, I work from my kitchen and even though I have a workshop space set up to the side.. 30 works in progress take up quite some room!!
Anyway.. as I am working away on these 30 surfaces, thinking about the layers of our individual humanity I feel inspired. Inspired to find out more about these layers, these masks we wear.

Chances of Process by Skye Robertson

Skye Robertson on letting go of plans and discovering the chances of process…

Well I have just unwrapped all of my canvases and the first thing that I thought was “Ohhhhh my golly gosh!!!”

30 doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you have 30 canvases sitting in front of you, blank….it all becomes a bit more real and a bit more daunting!!

I have been thinking and pondering about how I would tackle this project and have had a few ideas floating through my mind. I thought that I might do one at a time to document the process of my work and ideas. Then I thought that I might do a story of my life……then I thought………

But now that I have all these canvases in front of me and it is my turn to start ….all of my plans are falling by the way side and something else is developing.

I have started to work on a few canvases at once but letting the rhythm and direction of my canvases to occur through serendipity!!

An idea, fed by another idea,…. leading to more ideas.

Playing. Processing. Trying. Failing. Trying again. Fun.

I am loving the whole experience and the process. And it is all that I could have wanted it to be, without all the thought and planning….and I am happier for it.

I have even completely changed some ideas and painted over canvases and started again.

Process process process

It is so much fun!!!

Creating Experiences with June Stevens

June Stevens shares her experience of completing 30 oil paintings in 30 days

What an experience this has been!  The necessity of producing 30 paintings in a relatively short time has been just what I needed in my development as an artist and it has given me great scope to try something different.  Sometimes it has worked, and other times maybe not quite so well, however the chance has been invaluable.  I have learned things about myself – for instance I find it quite hard to keep up a constant output.  The discipline of the 30x30x30 has been very good for me rather than just painting only when the feeling moves me.  The downside of this is that not all of the work “hits the spot” and I must use every bit of technique I possess to keep up the standard.  I personally think that the later paintings are actually better than the first few – so maybe I am progressing!

Because I am painting in oils, drying time towards the end means that I have quite a few unfinished paintings standing around my studio.  There is only so much wet in wet I can do without starting to muddy the colours.  Perhaps that is a technique I have yet to learn.

I have no particular theme for the paintings:  they range from beach to country scenes, with some skyscapes, some flowers and a reflection or two!  Looking forward now to all the finishing touches…

Charmed by Megan Fraser

Megan Fraser on creating an Emporium of Magickal Charms.

As I delve deeper into the month of May, I find the challenge becoming more exciting and complex.

Originally, I was going to explore symbols of the world. However, lately my work has taken on a more esoteric quality and I have been experimenting with turning each painting into a genuine Magick Charm.

In my last exhibition, Book of Shadows, each of my works came with a Spell Kit, that the purchasers could use in conjunction with their painting to manifest a certain quality into their lives.

I began to think; what if each painting was an actual Spell? As I paint and create, I put the intention into the work. The found objects that adorn each artwork become symbols that resonate with the quality the Magick Charm is attracting. For Example – a golden crown & coins on the Success in Career Charm.

My part of the exhibition would view like an Emporium of Magickal Charms, the paintings lined up on the wall like colourful supplies in an esoteric shop.

16: Conversations

informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk; colloquy

Does art and imagery itself play a part in conversations?

I believe it does! Perhaps not in the way you would think… if in fact you are thinking between the lines. But think about how you relate to another person. Think about how you interpret that person. I imagine how they look (age, gender, clothing etc) has a direct influence on how you interact with that person, whether this is conscious or unconscious. So how a person looks is a reflection of their personality: the colours they choose; style of haircut; presence or absence of makeup; it goes on and on.

Aren’t we all a blank canvas that we work on to express ourselves to others?

The more I delve, the more interesting it becomes!

Having been away and unable to write for about a month, the conversations that have begun on this blog in that time are fantastic. As I read through the past posts I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the comments between artists and others. Words of encouragement and enthusiasm straight from the people doing the hard work!

Conversations are an interesting part of our communication as human beings. An essential part of our society function. Perhaps now a simple conversation will seem all the more multidimensional?

Over and out…

Collecting Inspiration with Ros Blackburn

Ros Blackburn talks on preparing her canvases, collecting inspiration and the beginnings of small compositions.

Seeing a huge stack of white canvases is intimidating. The first thing to do, for me,
is to either gesso them to add texture or paint with coloured acrylic paint which is what
I decided on.
Over time I have enjoyed collecting my own reference to include as inspiration for my
work, after selecting a number of these images, I mounted them onto another canvas to set on my easel as it is too large to use for the little canvases.  I set up a small low table to work on in front of the easel with my tools close by.
Studying the coloured canvas and the references I started to work quickly, mark making with chalks or pastel, looking for a working or pleasing composition.  I have a number finished now and I am pleased so far with my little studies.