3: Curious?


Chequered Flag for Hayward Studios

George Hayward announces the completion of their studio challenge:
Hi Art Lovers,
Well, we made it!
30 fantastic artworks completed in our 30 days.
Not the simple task that you might think!
Now, all that has to be done is the photographing, numbering, printing, delivery…
But I know that we are all looking forward to September 15th. Yes!

Challenger 10 – Michelle Reynolds

From Behind Curtain 1, we are excited to announce that Michelle Reynolds starts her challenge today.  From her breathtaking property in Hovea, Michelle will create an artwork a day for 30 days. Michelle describes her challenge:

“My acrylic paintings are bright and colourful layered abstracts.  My approach to this challenge will be to begin by painting similar layers on ten paintings at one time then I will concentrate on individual paintings, bringing out the layers and adding bling. Whilst I have a list of 30-40 ideas for paintings I will let the paintings speak to me as to their colour and composition and paint intuitively to see how they evolve. Ideas include flowers, my confetti trees, little houses and words.  Working on 8”x8” canvas will be a challenge as I prefer a larger canvas. I will be adapting my style to a smaller canvas.  One of my goals is to produce 30 high quality paintings in 30 days and in a style that people will recognise for their similarity. Another goal is to try different techniques such as adding collage or texture paste.”

Challenger 6 – Reanne Jackson and Joy Glasson

From Behind Curtain 1, we are excited to announce that Reanne Jackson & Joy Glasson have commenced their challenge.  Renae and Joy are a dynamic grandmother and granddaughter team who will be creating 30 artworks together.  Reanne describes their challenge approach:

The artistic ideas, processes and materials range quite diversely from my grandmother Joy Glasson, aged 75, to myself Reanne Jackson, aged 17.  Joy has experienced a half-lifetime of art through the ages and art eras, experimenting with alternative media such as bitumen, Blackboy resin, shellac and beeswax. She plans to incorporate these into her art.  I have only begun to experiment with mixed media and expressive art strokes but with an early start and inspiration from my Gran, I hope to meet the standards. Together we plan to create an expressive collection of landscape-related subject matter through many painted media.

Catching up with Fiona Fisher

Dixie Bartle from Treetops Montessori School interviews and reports on the progress of one of the first 30x30x30 challengers…

On day One of Fiona’s challenge I received an exciting e-mail with lots of smiling faces and an image of her very wonderful first painting. “One down and only 29 to go,” she said. “I’m wondering how excited I will be by the time I get to 30!”

At the half way mark in her challenge, I am pleased to report that Fiona is still smiling.  “I am still just as excited, my mind keeps going down different roads and inspirations.  The second half is becoming more exciting than the first,” said Fiona.

I have had the privilege of viewing a selection of Fiona’s paintings so far and I am as excited as she is to see what comes to life in the second half of her challenge…

Fiona said, “I set myself a goal for the first six paintings being flowers and the second six paintings being raindrops.  Raindrops being one thing that I was wanting to experiment with.”  And what a great success that experimentation has turned out to be!  The fluidity of the raindrop splash is a very difficult subject to record in any time frame, but to capture it in a day is a mighty achievement!

It is such a great series of paintings.  How could they all have been achieved in this short time-frame?

Fiona replies: “I thought I would struggle with not touching up some of my works the next day or so, but part of the challenge is the time limit so I let that go up front and now I find that invigorating.  Last night it was quite late before I was able to go up to my studio. I was very tired and unsure as to what result I was going to get.  It turned out to be my favourite painting so far, you just never know.”

We are all curious to know what is to come.

Keep the paint flowing, Fiona, and thanks for the update.

Challenger 3 – Fiona Fisher

From Behind Curtain 1, we are excited to announce that Fiona Fisher has commenced her challenge!  In her Mount Evelyn studio, Fiona will be creating artworks each day for 30 days. Fiona describes her challenge:

” I am always changing my medium and style through inspirations of colour, medium application and subject.  My approach and goals for this challenge-journey are to let my mind guide me through.  I am very excited to experiment and release my emotions into these works and to see what prevails.”