0: Celebration

to observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony or festivity.

Approximately 500 curious art lovers attended our Affordable Art Extravaganza on Saturday 15th September 2012 to view the amazing display of 900 artworks and to enjoy the live entertainment, food and drinks on offer.  The Darlington Hall and Pines park were decorated with flags and bunting (which featured a drawing by every child in Treetops) and the festival atmosphere was enjoyed by all.

The very talented Challenge Artists arrived at 4.30pm for a private viewing and a chance to meet each other and discuss their work.  There were 76 artists involved in the project and it was a wonderful half hour of creative interaction and celebration.

The Challenge Artists

By 5pm the crowds had started to gather outside the Hall and we opened the doors to the public.  A steady stream of people wove their way through the exhibition and we were amazed to see the line immediately begin to form.  By the time the hall was cleared just before 7pm, for opening speeches to commence outside, there were 300 eager purchasers in the queue.

Terri Fitzgerald kicked off the opening proceedings by reading the rules of the sale, and when it was announced that purchasers could buy as many artworks as they could carry, the crowd cheered!

Crowd during the opening proceedings

Mundaring Shire President, Helen Dullard opened the event along side Treetops Principal, Norman Megahey and as they rang the school bell to signal the commencement of the sale, the crowd were off!  The ensuing two hours was an art buying frenzy with 520 artworks removed from the wall to be purchased with big smiles all round.  Everyone who participated in the sale did so in a happy and patient manner and by all accounts they really enjoyed the event.  With bags of artworks in hand, the sales participants made their way home recounting tales of the most exciting and inspiring art exhibition they had ever attended.

Opening Address by Shire of Mundaring President, Helen Dullard.

The Second Chance Sale began at 1pm on Sunday and again was very well supported by the community with a further 30 artworks leaving the walls.

The weekend was great fun and the 30x30x30 team are very happy with the outcome of their many months of planning and preparation.  We will share the proceeds from artwork sales with the Challenge Artists and we hope to have raised over $12,000 for our School from the event.  This will be of great benefit to Treetops, but perhaps the most valuable outcome of the 30x30x30 Challenge is the connections that Treetops has made with the community.  We have connected with a large group of Artists, Sponsors, Businesses, Local Government and community members whose partnership and friendship is highly regarded and appreciated.  We have had great feedback from the event and many requests for Treetops to run another 30x30x30 Challenge again in the future.

Our sincere thanks once again to all members of the Treetops Community, the Artists, the Sponsors, the Supporting Businesses and all the Volunteers. You are responsible for making this event a great success for the Children of Treetops.


It Was Fabulous!

If you made it along to the 30x30x30 Art Extravaganza over the weekend, I’m sure you will agree with me that the event was spectacular.

I arrived at 5pm with kids and husband in tow. We were immediately staggered at the number of people flocked around the Darlington Hall. The colourful flags and bunting gave such a delightful festive ambiance. There was already a line well established to purchase the art. It struck me that I had better get in to see the exhibition at its finest before it was too late.

As I walked in the door of the Hall I was overcome with pride in the parents from Treetops Montessori School that made this all happen. The works of art displayed were incredible. I was speechless as I milled around from one display of 30 works to the next. Each one captivating me, some speaking deeper to my soul than others.

I was delighted to meet some of the artists who came along to the event. A display such as this almost strips you bare as an artist – 30 days can have a lot of warts. Some days better than others. The challenge of producing a piece a day over a 30 day period is quite something, and each person that contributed ought to be very proud of their achievement.

In particular I was delighted with the artwork put together by the Treetops Artists. Few of us have been formally trained in art, and I think we did pretty well! It was a very humbling experience being a part of something such as this, and having my work displayed amongst very accomplished artists.

As the clock ticked on there were speeches and thanks. The excitement in the air was tangible as the opening of the sale was getting closer.

Then the bell rang…

I was located on the checkout, so only saw the final result of the process. Every person I spoke to was absolutely delighted with their pieces. A highlight for me was meeting the person who bought both of my pieces. I’m not sure who was more excited… her or me!

The community came together from far and wide. There were children, grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, all a part of the event. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our School.

Well Done Treetops!

PS – I can’t wait to see some pictures!


1: Countdown

the backward counting in fixed time units from the initiation of a project, as a rocket launching, with the moment of firing designated as zero.

thanks for the pic: http://www.last.fm/music/

Well here we are on the final stretch before the big exhibition this Saturday. The point where all the hard work of the artists and volunteers comes to fruition.

The 30x30x30 Art Challenge is nearly here!

There is a sizzle of excitement around with the organizers buzzing around with last minute lists.The band is organized, the food is planned, the alcohol licenses sorted, t shirts printed, the list goes on and on and on.

Of course their poor brains are doubting with horrible thoughts…”have I ordered enough?” or “are they going to come?” never far from their minds. This of course is silliness…. Of course they are going to come! Who in their right mind would miss out on this incredible show?

The troop of helpers in the wings has grown in the last week, with husbands and friends coming to the rescue for last minute items.

The people who have organised this event are second to none. They have spent hours upon hours of their time bringing this fabulous event together.

I take my hat off to all of you that have participated in bringing this event to life…  you all inspire me.

Don’t forget that the viewing of the entire exhibition opens 5pm there will be people coming from far and wide. To get the full effect of the enormity of this exhibition, make sure to get there on time – the sale starts at 7pm (start lining at 6:45pm) this Saturday the 15th September at the Darlington Hall, Owen Rd, Darlington WA.

There are also the most fabulous booklets for the event with pictures of each piece of art and info on the artists. I will certainly be buying one of these as a reminder of this awesome event.

I am really quite excited about it – can you tell?

5: Contagious

…tending to spread from person to person
Have you ever heard the term “a germ of an idea”?
The 30x30x30 Art Challenge is one of those ideas. The whole concept of 30 artists (or groups of artists) producing 30 works of art each in a 30 day period is unique and inspiring. So much so, I want to tell everyone about it.
Why are all these artists giving so much of their time and creativity? To help Treetops Montessori School – a little independent school set in Darlington in the Perth Hills (Western Australia). This school is one of the most nourishing environments for a child’s soul that I have ever seen. My children have been lucky enough to have experienced the melting pot of Montessori schooling in this spacious, tree-filled environment. There is room to breathe, play and learn.
This little school has recently benefited from the government stimulus package (thanks Kevin for the low interest loan) and has had a whole new high school building. The high school now has rooms dedicated to science, music and art. This building is fresh, airy and unfortunately quite empty of resources. THIS is why the 30x30x30 Art Challenge came about. If we can give these children opportunity to shine, we will see extraordinary results. The proceeds from the 30x30x30 Art Challenge will go directly to the Arts facilities at Treetops Montessori School.
Thank you dear artists, sponsors and friends who have given so much of their time and efforts to help this little school grow. We hope you can see the benefits you bring in the coming years.

Let this idea be contagious, let people know about this project, let friends and family come and enjoy the exhibition. Let them hear about the opportunity to buy works of art for only $50 a piece. Affordable art for everyone. There is an invitation to the event on facebook – head here to invite your family and friends!


It is going to be extraordinary.

7: Chord

the simultaneous sounding of a group of musical notes, usually three or more in number

http://forums.chiffandfipple.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=67719It’s not a secret, I am a muso at heart. It comes from learning violin from an early age and continuing on through TEE music. It’s a bit of a tragedy really that the old violin only gets dusted off once in a blue moon.

So why am I delving into my musical past you ask?
The truth of it is, I feel there is an awful lot of synchronicity between music and art. I know, not exactly a ground-breaking revelation. Artists have been waxing lyrical about this for centuries. In fact, isn’t the foghorn picture one of the first examples of this from back in the 1920’s?
To me it is a wonderful thing to look at a piece of art and unpick the layers, just like unpicking the individual notes in a chord.
You have the base note, possibly the intent behind the art. The deep emotions connected with the artist and their production. The base note is one which sets the mood, the tone of the piece. Much like we talk about perfumes, it is the base note that sticks with us the longest. As an artist myself (if amateur) it is exactly these base notes that are the most important to me. If I can make someone feel something through my art I have succeeded. As one of my dear friends said to me once “I don’t care if someone doesn’t like what I have created, as long as they have a feeling about it. Nice is not a word I want to hear”.
Next up the chord would be the middle notes. I view these as the form and materials that the artist uses. The paints, or clay. Chalk or fabric. What is it that is going to bring this creation to life? What colours are going to be used? What is the connection between those colours and emotions?
And at last there is the top notes. The sweetest of them all and for me, I like to think of these as the finishing layers of the art. Possibly the final touches and detail on a painting, or the glaze on a piece of clay work. This top note is what you see when you look closely. When you step right up to a painting and look at the brush strokes and the little dabs of colour that might have otherwise escaped your attention.
After picking to pieces the chord, after contemplating the connection, I certainly have convinced myself that this connection is most certainly a strong one.
Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
Sean O’Casey

9: Conundrum

Anything that puzzles; a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words

Thanks to http://www.ehow.com/info_12002651_lexical-conundrum.html for this image
As I am about to leap into the process of creation of a piece of art I am faced with an almighty conundrum.
I am about to collect my canvasses and i have what I believe could be called stage fright!
Words I have written are bubbling around in my brain with such vigor I am surprised the little pops and splutters can’t be heard by others. I have written about the process, the thoughts and musings as they jump to mind. And believe me, I have enjoyed producing every one of these blogs.
The reality is that now I have to stop writing and thinking and step up as part of the group of Treetop Artists. I have to create!
I am thinking about the connection between myself and the children and the community. I am participating in the 30x30x30 challenge as part of the Treetops collaboration.
I want to produce something captivating, but I am yet to go through a moment of crystallisation. I really hope I can change my blank canvasses into something worthwhile, something not cringe-worthy.
Oh the conundrum. Oh the irony!

13: Captivated

to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; enchant.

I bumped into one of the 30x30x30 organisers in the School car park last week. She was lugging an enormous cardboard box filled with completed canvases into Admin. My curiosity was piqued, and I asked if this was in fact some of the 30x30x30 canvases. Yes it was! I was allowed to peek at the very top of the box and the rainbow of colours that I saw had me captivated. And this was only the edges of the canvases!

My imagination started to run riot. What are on these beautiful things? How have the artists coped with the 30 works in 30 days? Are they a series of paintings? Who? What? When? Where? How?

I am completely insatiable.

So now we have to wait, completely and utterly captivated while the second half of the 30x30x30 project rolls on.

What is it going to look like when all the works are displayed? I can only imagine…

“As a child, what captivated me was reading the poems myself and realizing that there was a world without material substance which was nevertheless as alive as any other.”
Mary Oliver

14: Change

to transform or convert; to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.

Every year I delight in the change of season. As we are getting closer to winter I am relishing the cool crisp air in the evenings just after the sun has dipped below the horizon. As I write this the sun is low in the sky over the paddock behind our house. The grass is lush and green, the shadows are dark in the trees beyond.

As the change of season occurs around us it occurred to me how time is ticking along with respect to the 30x30x30 challenge. We have 3 months to go, many of the artists have begun their journey. Some have finished and some are yet to start. We will be in spring by the time we are finished, a perfect time to see the blossoms of work displayed before us.

I am finding the blog posts from the artists fascinating. Each individual is rising to the challenge in their own way, and what they are producing! WOW!!

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”
William Blake