10: Crystallisation

to form or cause to form crystals; assume or cause to assume a crystalline form or structure ; to coat or become coated with sugar; to assume a recognizable or definite form.

Once again I have been juggling my various tasks this week at a rapid-fire pace. I have managed at the last minute to have a flash of inspiration for this weeks blog… a moment of crystallisation.

I was gazing out of my window, beyond the computer screen onto the paddock beyond. This morning brought a light frost across the grass, it was like a light dusting of icing sugar over a misty landscape. Beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

At what point does crystallisation occur? Scientifically, it is the moment at which liquid transforms into a solid. It is a beautiful moment, almost intangible in its instance. A point that comes and goes, and what was before a flowing liquid gains structure and rigidity.

I love the process of crystallisation as an analogy for the creative moment. That point when an idea transforms into something more solid. A vision, a plan on how to pull it all together and create.

Enjoy that moment fellow artisans. Relish in the beauty of what our minds are capable of, and create!


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