Captivated by Uncoverings … Marilyn Hamilton

Marilyn Hamilton continues on her exciting journey, uncovering the captivating results of her fabric bundles and transforming them into wonderous works of art.

Hi everyone.  My last blog was on day 11 of my challenge and now I only have 11 days to go……….the month of June is zooming by much too quickly.

some of the things I am using to create my little works of art

I excitedly unwrapped the bundles of silk, cotton and wool at the weekend and WOW some wonderful results. I can’t wait to do things with them, all very exciting. My concentration span is short and apart from a series of 6 artists books all other works have been produced in 3’s. One set being influenced totally by my sponsor, The Ming Restaurant so are quite different from the rest of my work.

view from my studio window of apple tree just starting to blossom with the bush that surrounds Settlers Cottage in the background

I am still just unwrapping one canvas a day and thoroughly enjoying the journey of your challenge and the opportunity to experiment with a few of the many ideas that are crammed in my head. ………………..Marilyn


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