Concentrating on Mammals by Moira Court

Moira Court reaches the half way mark of her challenge:

So, no whingeing about The Challenge this week.  My mother has told me off and even though she is thousands of miles away and I am a forty-year old lady I had better do what she says.  This week I have done a drawing that I am happy with.  I am not saying that it is any good, but I do like it.  (Please note that the black square is not part of it, that is just to preserve this creatures anonymity in a serious news story in a streaking sports fan kind of way.)  I did this sketch in poor visibility during the Storm of the Decade with no electricity to light the way. Perhaps drawing in the dark is the key.

What I am really enjoying about The Challenge is perusing my wildlife books every morning on the look out for animals up trees.  There are just so many weird and wonderful creatures.   Far too many to be covered in one 30 day bout.  So far I have been concentrating on mammals.  This is day 15′s candidate, a coati.  I can’t resist anyone who can bend their nose 60 degrees in any direction.

moira court


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