11: Champion

to champion a cause: to support, or promote a cause

Now that two thirds of the Challenge artists are underway we would like to acknowledge more wonderful people behind the scenes who have generously contributed to our cause. The sponsors of the artists Behind Curtain 2 have provided financial support to ensure the creation of 300 artworks, that would otherwise not have come into existence. These patrons of the arts are proudly supporting the Challenge artists, their local community and the children of Treetops Montessori School.

We encourage all friends of the 30x30x30 Challenge to support our generous sponsors.

Earnshaws Real Estate of Darlington sponsoring June Stevens
Ray White Kalamunda sponsoring Alt 164 art group
Club Sierra of Mundaring sponsoring Una Bell
Tyrepower of Midland sponsoring Megan Fraser
Ethan Tazewell of Darlington sponsoring Colleen Manners & Annette Fiegert
Kalamunda Toyota sponsoring Judith Price
Helena Water ATJV sponsoring Skye Robertson
Big Bubble of Midvale sponsoring As We See Art Group
Homes by John Carter of Stoneville sponsoring Carmen Cilliers
Island View Apartments Esperance sponsoring Moira Court


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