Concocting Parcels of Wonder … Marilyn Hamilton

Marilyn Hamilton explores her challenge by concocting parcels of wonder and shares some good news …

What wild winter weather we are having!!! Rug up, keep the fires going and drive carefully.

Day 11 is here for me and I am enjoying the exploration that the 30 day challenge is allowing me. What was I worrying about? Lots of interesting things are happening, quite eclectic. At the weekend I bundled up pieces of silk, wool and cotton with all sorts of things inside ready to steam and will unwrap them next weekend. I wonder what these little parcels will reveal and what shall I do with them? I still plan to unwrap one canvas a day and see what happens on that day. Wonder what lays ahead for me when I get to my studio this morning.

Some good news that I would like to share. My art practise has been acknowledged by the City of Wanneroo purchasing my collagraphic print titled ‘Frog in a Log’ for their collection and on Saturday evening the City of Joondalup presented me with the textile award for my work titled ‘Fragile Earth’. Yay!!! So I am indeed a very happy ‘little vegemite’. The Joondalup Community Art Exhibition is on at Lakeside Shopping Centre until 24 June during shopping hours and well worth a visit. Quite a diverse exhibition as will the 30x30x30 Treetops Montessori exhibition in September. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work…………….Marilyn


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