Communing with Nature … Una Bell

to converse or talk together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, etc; interchange thoughts or feelings

Surrounded by the glory of nature, dripping in golden colour, the trees ablaze with shades of russet golds and reds, fallen leaves on the ground rustling in the soft breezes, a Milly the Kelpie-Collie-cross greeting, Una welcomes us to her studio ….

In her studio, Una explains her quick realisation that her initial thoughts of approaching the challenge had to be revisited when faced with smaller canvases and addressing the speed of engaging with the medium.

It did not hamper her process or the inquiry into the nature of her subject matter; one of her loves in life – the beloved bush and all it’s possibilities that can be easily overlooked. Granite outcrops, and the minutiae of life that thrives in the cracks, the dirt, the green moss, the startling coloured grasses that signal the change in seasons combined with a deeper appreciation of their structure. Una is driven to delve into the mysteries that abound in just the simple extraordinary grasses that tend to be forgotten heroes of the bush environment.

Armed with a precision microscope, and a natural flair for drawing, Una’s illustrations detail her powers of observation in the colours and structure of the simple grass. This innate ability to commune with nature is certainly translated into her method of working through the layers that invite possibilities that are evident in the choice of her colours and structure in her art works …


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