12: Cultivate

to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labor and attention
When I found this fabulous word to write about, I thought that this may pertain more to spring than to autumn… but then I thought of my veggie patches. The seedlings are leaping from the ground with such exuberance I fear I may be inflicting a diet entirely of silverbeet and beans on my dear family for months to come. This could have explosive consequences!
I digress…
Cultivation is a process that is long and thorough, in fact the more cultivation and energy we put into a project the better the outcome.
When it comes to the cultivation of an idea for an artist, this is a very labour intensive process indeed. To firstly come up with a potential idea, thrash out the possibilities, then try and get the idea to come to fruition… now that’s a process of cultivation if ever I have seen one.
And I love to see the process. In fact, I love to participate in the process. To have the very seed of an idea, to play with that seed and think of it’s potential, then to nourish the seed can be an exhausting thing but the results are what makes it all worthwhile.
Cultivation isn’t all about garden beds and sheep poo. It’s a wonderful journey.
“An education which does not cultivate the will
is an education that depraves the mind.”
Anatole France

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