Confronting Speed with Moira Court

From her Perth hills home, Moira is confronted by the concept of speed in her challenge:

Flippedy, flippedy, flip flip, today is the day I am being ousted from behind the curtain.  My 30x30x30 Challenge starts today and am I ready for it? Urrh, no!  Since filling in my application 6 months ago occasionally a whisper of a thought has floated in and then back out of my mind real quick but that is the extent of it.  Oh well, I guess it will just add to the challenge of it all.  At least I can remember what I said that I would do which is sketches of arboreal animals from around the world – being a Treetops Montessori School Initiative, I thought it was befitting.  The challenge of it all comes in the application of these arboreal critters.  I am making myself do them at speed to loosen up my drawing style.  No beautifully rendered paintings from me(like most of the participants seem to have done so far) no, I am saying goodbye to perfectionist, control freak Moira (gulp) and hello to slap-dash composition, messy bits and no doubt some weird-looking tree dwellers!  GO GO GO at the speed of a brachiating gibbon!!




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