Courage in Idyllic Surroundings by Marilyn Hamilton

In idyllic bushland surroundings and with all the elements of nature as her muse, Marilyn Hamilton courageously opens her process to the possibilities of chance:

I must admit that I was excited to learn that I had been selected for the 30x30x30 challenge………..then, I thought, how on earth am I going to achieve this? What have I done to myself? There is always self doubt. Anyhow ,selected the month of June to take up the challenge but in hindsight should have started earlier as I have been worrying about it ever since. So I looked at how some of the other artists were handling their challenge and what work they were doing. I have decided to use nature, the elements and ‘chance’ in my making process. So I have been collecting all sorts of things found on the ground including leaves, twigs and gumnuts.

As most of the artists appear to be doing paintings I plan on making a variety of artworks – artists books, some textile & construction pieces, drawings, collagraphic prints perhaps a painting or two, time will tell. Thankfully I will be working in my studio at Settlers Cottage, Churchlands. The studio is a National Trust property set in idyllic bushland surrounding Herdsman Lake so lots of inspiration surrounds me. I am about to start and will unwrap one canvas at a time and see what happens, and enjoy the month long journey starting tomorrow, yay!!!………….Marilyn


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