Considering Layers with Vivian Paans

Vivian Paans on commencing the challenge and considering the layers of her work and life…

My challenge is underway! The first layers are on half of the canvasses, some are still untouched, some in the process and some are finished completely. Just like the layers of our personalities, the states in which the canvasses are at the moment vary. Some coincide, some synchronise and others fall slightly behind, only to catch up when the time is right.

The biggest challenge for me so far are the time and space factors which in a way bind me to this human existence. Practically speaking, I work from my kitchen and even though I have a workshop space set up to the side.. 30 works in progress take up quite some room!!
Anyway.. as I am working away on these 30 surfaces, thinking about the layers of our individual humanity I feel inspired. Inspired to find out more about these layers, these masks we wear.

One thought on “Considering Layers with Vivian Paans

  1. layers and masks… oh, I like that! I clicked on your blog entry because i also paint in layers… but very very thin ones, and quite a lot is washed off again. But now here’s a thing: several of my paintings are of people wearing masks lately, and I had never thought of the layers of paint in connection with masks… thank you for making the connection!

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