Creating Experiences with June Stevens

June Stevens shares her experience of completing 30 oil paintings in 30 days

What an experience this has been!  The necessity of producing 30 paintings in a relatively short time has been just what I needed in my development as an artist and it has given me great scope to try something different.  Sometimes it has worked, and other times maybe not quite so well, however the chance has been invaluable.  I have learned things about myself – for instance I find it quite hard to keep up a constant output.  The discipline of the 30x30x30 has been very good for me rather than just painting only when the feeling moves me.  The downside of this is that not all of the work “hits the spot” and I must use every bit of technique I possess to keep up the standard.  I personally think that the later paintings are actually better than the first few – so maybe I am progressing!

Because I am painting in oils, drying time towards the end means that I have quite a few unfinished paintings standing around my studio.  There is only so much wet in wet I can do without starting to muddy the colours.  Perhaps that is a technique I have yet to learn.

I have no particular theme for the paintings:  they range from beach to country scenes, with some skyscapes, some flowers and a reflection or two!  Looking forward now to all the finishing touches…


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