Chances of Process by Skye Robertson

Skye Robertson on letting go of plans and discovering the chances of process…

Well I have just unwrapped all of my canvases and the first thing that I thought was “Ohhhhh my golly gosh!!!”

30 doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you have 30 canvases sitting in front of you, blank….it all becomes a bit more real and a bit more daunting!!

I have been thinking and pondering about how I would tackle this project and have had a few ideas floating through my mind. I thought that I might do one at a time to document the process of my work and ideas. Then I thought that I might do a story of my life……then I thought………

But now that I have all these canvases in front of me and it is my turn to start ….all of my plans are falling by the way side and something else is developing.

I have started to work on a few canvases at once but letting the rhythm and direction of my canvases to occur through serendipity!!

An idea, fed by another idea,…. leading to more ideas.

Playing. Processing. Trying. Failing. Trying again. Fun.

I am loving the whole experience and the process. And it is all that I could have wanted it to be, without all the thought and planning….and I am happier for it.

I have even completely changed some ideas and painted over canvases and started again.

Process process process

It is so much fun!!!


3 thoughts on “Chances of Process by Skye Robertson

  1. Love your process Skye – throwing it out there and using serendipity to guide the way! It is such an open thing to do, to be listening for chance connections. I can’t wait to see your artworks! 🙂

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