Charmed by Megan Fraser

Megan Fraser on creating an Emporium of Magickal Charms.

As I delve deeper into the month of May, I find the challenge becoming more exciting and complex.

Originally, I was going to explore symbols of the world. However, lately my work has taken on a more esoteric quality and I have been experimenting with turning each painting into a genuine Magick Charm.

In my last exhibition, Book of Shadows, each of my works came with a Spell Kit, that the purchasers could use in conjunction with their painting to manifest a certain quality into their lives.

I began to think; what if each painting was an actual Spell? As I paint and create, I put the intention into the work. The found objects that adorn each artwork become symbols that resonate with the quality the Magick Charm is attracting. For Example – a golden crown & coins on the Success in Career Charm.

My part of the exhibition would view like an Emporium of Magickal Charms, the paintings lined up on the wall like colourful supplies in an esoteric shop.


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