16: Conversations

informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk; colloquy

Does art and imagery itself play a part in conversations?

I believe it does! Perhaps not in the way you would think… if in fact you are thinking between the lines. But think about how you relate to another person. Think about how you interpret that person. I imagine how they look (age, gender, clothing etc) has a direct influence on how you interact with that person, whether this is conscious or unconscious. So how a person looks is a reflection of their personality: the colours they choose; style of haircut; presence or absence of makeup; it goes on and on.

Aren’t we all a blank canvas that we work on to express ourselves to others?

The more I delve, the more interesting it becomes!

Having been away and unable to write for about a month, the conversations that have begun on this blog in that time are fantastic. As I read through the past posts I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the comments between artists and others. Words of encouragement and enthusiasm straight from the people doing the hard work!

Conversations are an interesting part of our communication as human beings. An essential part of our society function. Perhaps now a simple conversation will seem all the more multidimensional?

Over and out…


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