Challenger 18 – As We See Art Group

From Behind Curtain 2, we are excited to announce that As We See Art Group have commenced their challenge.  From their group studio in Kalamunda, Melva Babarskas, Gloria Carter, Barbara Gell, Lynne Gracie, Sandy Kirk and Trish Meakins will collectively create 30 artworks during May and June.  As We See Art Group describe their challenge:

As an art group we are looking forward to working closely together to produce our thirty works.  Last year on a painting retreat as an exercise and to relax and extend our expression we rotated small paintings around each member of the group to add their own marks.  The paintings were often rotated around the group several times until a pleasing design and tonal balance was achieved.  The result was a number of exciting abstract designs that were truly collaborative.  During this challenge we are planning to extend this approach further introducing texture via collage and painting mediums to add an additional element of interest.  Our group meets once a week and we will be completing all of our work during these sessions throughout May and June.


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