Challenger 17 – Skye Robertson

From Behind Curtain 2, we are excited to announce that Skye Robertson has commenced her challenge.  From her Margaret River studio Skye will create an artwork a day for 30 days.  Skye describes her challenge:

I am extremely excited about participating in the 30x30x30 Challenge.
I look forward to the freedom of expression, of exploring and playing with the different mediums and techniques.
This will be a process of discovery, learning about the process and product of my own art works and seeing where the journey might take me artistically and personally.
I am going to approach this challenge with an open mind and with a sense of fun. I hope to not over think my art and revel in childish spontaneity and self-discovery.
I would like to experiment with a random approach, drawing from my unique and individual life experiences portraying my story in my way.
I am enthusiastic about the fact that I am going to be exhibiting in a visual arts community and that my individual contribution will be unique, relevant and authentic.
In context of the exhibition my work will resonate with its own melody as part of a combined chorus.


2 thoughts on “Challenger 17 – Skye Robertson

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you thank you!!!
    I must say that when I unpacked all of the canvases and had them all out together I thought….oh my gosh!!!!!

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