19 : Contemplations

the act or state of contemplation, thoughtful observation or study, meditation on spiritual matters; intention or expectation

There is nothing more pleasurable than spending a moment in a day to give thanks and meditate on what we do in life that gives it it’s meaning. Following the work of all these artists who have generously given of their time, I am humbled to witness this in my lifetime.

I recall reading a story of an ancient kiri or paulownia tree that was crafted into a harp. Characteristics of kiri or paulownia wood ensure that beautiful chests and boxes can be fashioned from this light, fine grained, soft and warp resistant wood. This harp, whose stubborn spirit refused to yield to hands that attempted to draw melody from its strings would not recognise a master in it’s midst. Only one such person managed to caress and cajole the harp of its beautiful symphonies by surrendering to the eminent intent of the instrument and the latent talent of the artist. The story highlighted the very nature of art, and naturally, its appreciation.

In the act of looking at art, we bring to mind our total sum of experiences and memories, call forth other realms of possibilities. Dreams, hopes, inspiration and long forgotten yearnings come to mind. The canvas attracts a moment of communion of minds between the message the artist wishes to impart and the experience the spectator immerses him or herself in.

The 30x30x30 Challenge is a fascinating chronicle of what, how and when the artist surrenders to that magic moment of creation. Looking ahead to the day of the exhibition, it will be equally engaging to see the spectators who will delight themselves in the gems the Challenge Artists will proffer.

“An art aims, above all, at producing something beautiful which affects not our feelings but the organ of pure contemplation, our imagination.”

Eduard Hanslick


3 thoughts on “19 : Contemplations

  1. What a beautiful post, read by me on Anzac Day — it strikes me how fitting it is to be given these beautiful opportunities to create and make art from the freedoms hard fought for by others who have paid such sacrifice.

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