Collecting Inspiration with Ros Blackburn

Ros Blackburn talks on preparing her canvases, collecting inspiration and the beginnings of small compositions.

Seeing a huge stack of white canvases is intimidating. The first thing to do, for me,
is to either gesso them to add texture or paint with coloured acrylic paint which is what
I decided on.
Over time I have enjoyed collecting my own reference to include as inspiration for my
work, after selecting a number of these images, I mounted them onto another canvas to set on my easel as it is too large to use for the little canvases.  I set up a small low table to work on in front of the easel with my tools close by.
Studying the coloured canvas and the references I started to work quickly, mark making with chalks or pastel, looking for a working or pleasing composition.  I have a number finished now and I am pleased so far with my little studies.

One thought on “Collecting Inspiration with Ros Blackburn

  1. These stories are wonderful and the images showing the human hand at work are very heartwarming and inclusive – we are joining people together with every canvas. Thank you for your invaluable contribution Ros. We can’t wait for the 15th to see your works of Art. Regards Helen

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