Challenger 12 – Alt 164

From Behind Curtain 2, we are excited to announce that ‘Alt 164’, the teaming of the creative energy of Nelson Franco and Cristina Vanegas, have commenced their challenge.   From their North Lake studio, Nelson and Cristina will create 30 artworks from mid April to mid May.  ‘Alt 164’ describe their challenge:

The 30x30x30 is a great challenge in our artistic career. It is a bold look at the hectic present. A society on the move, full of changes and developments that seem not letting up…
It is a unique opportunity to prove in a new work context, where mental and physical agility are key players.
As a team we want to incorporate the vision about art that we have as individual’s: merging personal reflection about the city and the beings that inhabit it.
Our goals are to complete 30 pieces of art that make people “wake up” in another notion of reality and generate reflection on the viewer and also to successfully integrate our ideas and explore different techniques.
We both definitely have a very deep conscience to work in our social projects especially if they involve an entire community and seek to promote childhood.
The 30x30x30 is a reunion with the artistic endeavor. It is a gift to the children from “Treetops Montessori School”. Finally, it is a courageous and innovative way to make artistic calls.


3 thoughts on “Challenger 12 – Alt 164

  1. We align with your views Alt164. Particularly your comment about having “a very deep conscience to work in social projects.” And further “especially if they involve an entire community and seek to promote the childhood”. As parents at Treetops we are grateful for your gift to the children at Treetops Montessori School. As a deliberately productive and active part of the entire community at large we applaud your attitude of inclusivity. This project is awakening the sleeping or numbed spirit of giving, within us all, giving social permission to include Artistic and Commercial communities as one for the good of all families & children. Thank you Alt164.

  2. Thank you John & Helen Carter for supporting us. Your words give us strength. We are enjoying heaps the 30x30x30 challenge, but feeling your encouragement make us feel even more motivated. Cheers!

  3. Hello alt 164 we wish you all the best in this challenge, people like you make the difference and change the image that some ones have about Colombia,you guys show all the happines of our tropical little country, have fun.

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