Canvas at a time ? … Andrea Day

Andrea Day checks in from her Queens Park studio on a warm barmy autumn day with her plan to conduct investigations on her canvases and colours …

At first when I planned my project I thought I’d work one canvas at a time. Then when I went to start, it was immediately apparent that I’d need to work on all at once, building each one slowly.

I mixed thirty individual colours so each canvas would start it’s life differently from all the others.

Then I needed to be able to see all 30 together so the work would build coherently. This means they are in the middle of my studio floor, giving me about 30cm to squeeze around the edge between them and the benches, tables, dressmaking mannequin and my chair. But that’s all good. It’s been a new and exciting way to work!


5 thoughts on “Canvas at a time ? … Andrea Day

  1. I have just found the same thing Andrea! I need to use today to start on all of the canvases, and prepare the backgrounds, so they are dry ready to paint on for each day. Just off to Bunnings for some more supplies….

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