Challenger 11 – June Stevens

From Behind Curtain 2, we are excited to announce that June Stevens has commenced her challenge.  From her Stoneville studio, June will create 30 artworks from mid April to mid May.  June describes her challenge:

My approach to this challenge will be to tackle five or six paintings at one time.  Underpaintings will be done and dried before moving on, then each painting will  take over.  Most of the painting will then be done wet-on-wet in oils. Final finishes may require the painting to be dry, which may mean having many paintings sitting around my studio unfinished for a week or so!  It will also be challenging to paint landscapes on a small square canvas!

One of my goals is to produce  fresh, spontaneous artworks that will leap off the canvas.  I will need to “look three times, make one brushstroke and leave it!”  This is absolutely necessary for wet-in-wet painting, so this challenge has come at just the right time for me.

My work is still developing from painting to painting and the 30x30x30 challenge gives me a great opportunity to further develop my style and try new approaches.


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