Colouring White with Michelle Reynolds

Have you heard the saying that nothing is whiter than the white of a blank test paper?  Michelle Reynolds bravely faced the white of 30 blank canvases on Day One of her challenge. Michelle reports on preparing her canvases and ‘colouring white’:

I was very excited to be chosen as one of the participants [of the 30x30x30 Challenge] and have been looking forward to getting started.  There were so many questions that popped up as I began:

How many should I start to prepare?
Where will they all dry?
Do I have enough paint or will a quick trip to the art shop be in order?
What am I going to paint on this first set?
Do they have a spare 30 canvases for my other ideas that would like to be painted!?

See that white little square, bottom, middle of the paintings? Yes, this pic shows a size comparison between the largest paintings I’ve created and the 8 inch or 20cm square canvases that I will work on for the 30x30x30. Size is only one of my challenges!

I decided to prepare 12 canvases with the basic layers which will build up into a painting of depth…

Another covering layer will be added then I’ll have fun stamping and dripping and deciding what they will become.  Oh such fun and such a great challenge too…

To read more about Michelles journey visit her website and personal blogsite:


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