Challenger 10 – Michelle Reynolds

From Behind Curtain 1, we are excited to announce that Michelle Reynolds starts her challenge today.  From her breathtaking property in Hovea, Michelle will create an artwork a day for 30 days. Michelle describes her challenge:

“My acrylic paintings are bright and colourful layered abstracts.  My approach to this challenge will be to begin by painting similar layers on ten paintings at one time then I will concentrate on individual paintings, bringing out the layers and adding bling. Whilst I have a list of 30-40 ideas for paintings I will let the paintings speak to me as to their colour and composition and paint intuitively to see how they evolve. Ideas include flowers, my confetti trees, little houses and words.  Working on 8”x8” canvas will be a challenge as I prefer a larger canvas. I will be adapting my style to a smaller canvas.  One of my goals is to produce 30 high quality paintings in 30 days and in a style that people will recognise for their similarity. Another goal is to try different techniques such as adding collage or texture paste.”


5 thoughts on “Challenger 10 – Michelle Reynolds

  1. Wow! This a a fantastic opportunity to create. You have set quite a goal for yourself and the world will be blessed by it! I can’t wait to see your creations – I LOVE your art!

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