Challenger 4 – Harry Barden

From Behind Curtain 1, we are excited to announce that Harry Barden has commenced his challenge.  In his Stratton studio, Harry will be creating artworks each day for 30 days. Harry describes his challenge goals:

“To put a smile on everyone’s face using my own brand of humour. To bring some brightness & colour into peoples lives. Versatility is the key. I like to offer different sights & experiment with textures as I work.  Sometimes I look at a blank canvas, put some background in and see where it takes me to the Great Outback . Now, as an octogenarian in what ever time I have left I would like my goal to be to make as many people smile & feel good as possible.”


One thought on “Challenger 4 – Harry Barden

  1. I had a smile on my face yesterday thank you harry when my partner bought home several of your framed paintings from the mundering markets.I particularly like the old truck buried to the axles in the red bull dust.Its a lovely touch having your initials and the year of your birth on the number plate.Cheers to you and many more years of creating wonderful images of australiana,you can be sure we will be collecting up a few more ourselves.Go hard on your challenge.

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