Connecting with Ria Trevor

The above image is a cropped view of a 30x30x30 artwork underway and gives a fascinating insight to the process of Ria’s unique and intricate drawing style.

Ria Trevor writes on the time challenge of the 30x30x30 …

Fifteen days ago I unintentionally began my 30x30x30 challenge. I am half way through and am loving the journey…!

The element of balancing every other area of life with this challenge has been an experience in itself. One of the most important lessons I have learned so far is that I have to allocate time each day to sit down to complete a canvas, regardless of anything else going on – to complete the task, and that is just what has to be done.

It got me thinking that we often claim we don’t have enough time for ourselves when really we owe ourselves that 10-15 minutes a day to just be and do what we want as individuals.

It is easy to get caught up with giving and caring for others before ourselves with all the roles that come with the two major titles as a mother and wife. But this challenge has proven that it needs to be a priority to give to ourselves. We can certainly make it happen…


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