Catching up with Fiona Fisher

Dixie Bartle from Treetops Montessori School interviews and reports on the progress of one of the first 30x30x30 challengers…

On day One of Fiona’s challenge I received an exciting e-mail with lots of smiling faces and an image of her very wonderful first painting. “One down and only 29 to go,” she said. “I’m wondering how excited I will be by the time I get to 30!”

At the half way mark in her challenge, I am pleased to report that Fiona is still smiling.  “I am still just as excited, my mind keeps going down different roads and inspirations.  The second half is becoming more exciting than the first,” said Fiona.

I have had the privilege of viewing a selection of Fiona’s paintings so far and I am as excited as she is to see what comes to life in the second half of her challenge…

Fiona said, “I set myself a goal for the first six paintings being flowers and the second six paintings being raindrops.  Raindrops being one thing that I was wanting to experiment with.”  And what a great success that experimentation has turned out to be!  The fluidity of the raindrop splash is a very difficult subject to record in any time frame, but to capture it in a day is a mighty achievement!

It is such a great series of paintings.  How could they all have been achieved in this short time-frame?

Fiona replies: “I thought I would struggle with not touching up some of my works the next day or so, but part of the challenge is the time limit so I let that go up front and now I find that invigorating.  Last night it was quite late before I was able to go up to my studio. I was very tired and unsure as to what result I was going to get.  It turned out to be my favourite painting so far, you just never know.”

We are all curious to know what is to come.

Keep the paint flowing, Fiona, and thanks for the update.


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