23: Collaboration

Something created by working jointly with another or others 

The 30x30x30 project has to be one of the finest examples of community collaboration that I have ever been involved with. And what an honour it is to be guest-blogging for this awesome cause.

“Working in collaboration leads to a rich dialogue yielding unexpected results.” (Alexander Gorlizki)

I want to explore the forms of collaboration we will see throughout this project. There are many levels to community including the Treetops School community, teachers and students, local art groups, individual community involvement, and so on.

Some of the artists producing canvases are doing the job solo. Others are working as part of community groups (collaborating) to produce the 30 canvases. I have been considering the difference between the journey of the individual versus the journey of a groups of artists.

How does an individual artist collaborate?

The artist is in a process of collaboration purely by being involved. The final exhibition will be a collection of all the works of art produced… ah ha! That would be a collaboration!

I love the image I have included as a demonstration of collaboration. Think about the possibilities and potential of a single hand. Then combine a group of hands and see what the outcome is. I bet it is going to be more extraordinary than you ever imagined.

“With collaborations you never follow the same palette.” (Robin Rimbaud)

The variety of work we will see in the final showcasing for this event will be extraordinary.

I would love to hear comments from some of our artists!


2 thoughts on “23: Collaboration

  1. Hi…I am one of the 30 artists and I love the image used in this post.
    I too love how everything links together.
    Their are so many common threads between us all.
    A love of creativity and being of artistic.
    Being of like mind.
    A shared support of the children and the school.
    A collaboration.
    A collective.
    A group.
    A community….all working and supporting each other, in a variety of roles, for a common goal….the kids:)
    It’s all good!!

    • Thanks Skye!
      It’s great hearing from you. I sit and write and wonder about what is happening out there for you artists in your studios.
      Keep us posted on your journey :o)

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