27: Curtain

Theater – A set of hanging drapery for concealing all or part of the stage or set from
the view of the audience.The crowd jostles, hushed whispers of excitement, rustles, coughs, a sudden laugh…

Anticipation of the sweet moments before the show starts. Moments when you can
only imagine what might be behind those deep, sumptuous curtains. What delights are
to abound before us?

The curtain is there for what purpose? To enhance the magic?

“Hard teasers” and “tormentors” are names given to some of the types of curtains
used in the theatre. Curtains can change the setting and mood of the stage in an
instant. Of course they are used to hide backstage from the prying audience always
hungry for a peep behind. There could be chaos (and often is!) behind those curtains
but all is hidden. Special ropes, pulleys and other contraptions ready to be unfurled in
quick, scheduled movements.

What are behind our curtains?

A collection of chosen artists who have put their brave and dedicated hands up to be a
part of this incredible journey of 30x30x30. Have a look behind each curtain and see
the people who are about to make this dream a reality…

Behind Curtain 1
Behind Curtain 2
Behind Curtain 3

The theatre is almost full. There are flashes of movement in the pit below. Invisible
musicians bump, clatter and scrape. A reedy note fills the air and the players fight
for the right note, sounds erupt! A cacophony of dischordant tones that eventually
subsides, satisfied.

There is a nod, a whisper, and the orchestra stands as one, ready for the conductor…


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