28: Community

a social group of any size; a group of people leading a common life

We welcome all artists who nominated for the challenge to be active members of our 30x30x30 community.  Of all the people on the face of this earth, you answered the call.  Not just anyone puts their hand up to create ‘30 art works in 30 days’ to help a School fundraising drive; no, you are special!  You all have that special something in common and it’s a connection that should be held tight.

Our connection can be strengthened and our community widened by following the challenge journey with us here on this blog.  We can all follow the work of the artists and provide encouragement and support.  It is a privilege to have access to this porthole and the stories that will be told.  Take your seats, the show is about to begin; we are almost ready to raise the curtain!


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