30: Call

to cry out in a loud voice; a summons; invitation; bidding

In November 2011 we put the call out to artists and art groups to challenge themselves to complete 30 artworks in 30 days.  900 artworks to be exhibited together and offered for sale.  It was an ambitious fundraising project for the new art building at our School.  The artists and the school would work together and share the profits.  It was a unique concept and had never been tried before in Western Australia.  How many would take up the challenge was the great unknown.

On the 20th January we celebrated when our 30th application was received.  The event would go ahead.  Yay!  But we had no idea of what was in store.  By the close of registrations, just two weeks later, we had 93 applications from over 150 artists.  We were so excited.  Could this get any better?  But joy soon turned to angst as we realised that we could select only 30.  How could we choose so few from so many?  How would we ever come to a consensus?


One thought on “30: Call

  1. An Awesome result for what will become an iconic event in Perth. Congratulations for the vision and courage of a small group of individuals willing to put themselves on the line to take a risk . . . to take up the Challenge to blaze the trail and encourage others to do the same.

    30x30x30 Fan

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